The Secret of the Cut Stone is a questline of the Stonecutters Event. Upon completing this questline, the player receives 20 Donuts.


Quest Requirements Time
The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 1 Make Lisa Look for Clues 24h
The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 2 Reach Level 12
Build the Springfield Library

Make Lisa Research the Symbol

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 3 Reach Level 12 and Build Bart's Tree House

Make Bart Steal Stonecutter Documents
Make Lisa Steal Stonecutter Documents

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 4 Make Lisa Deduce the Stonecutter Plot

Make Bart "Help" Lisa

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 5 Make Bart Spy on Lisa 24h
The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 6 Make Bart Sabotage Lisa's Plan 8h
The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 7 Make Bart Plot Revenge on Stonecutters 24h
The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 8 Make Bart Share Plans with Lisa 24h
The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 9 Make Women and Children Vote Against Stonecutter Law (x20) 8h
The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 10 Dialogue --


The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Dad? What have you been up to lately?"
Homer Icon "Well, I certainly haven't been helping a madman brainwash the world, if that's what you're insinuating."
Lisa Icon "Hmm, the townspeople have been acting very strange lately. This looks like a job for Lisa Simpson, Meddling Kid!"


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "This is interesting: some sort of… stone. Its edges are straight as if it had been… cut."
"And there's something etched onto the surface. I've seen this symbol before, but where?"
Marge Icon "Lisa? You know you're talking to yourself, right?"
Lisa Icon "Yes, I'm figuring out a mystery!"
Marge Icon "OOh, that's fine then. The doctor says as long as you KNOW there's no one there, you're still considered normal."
Lisa Icon ...

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "I need to find out more about this symbol. This calls for a trip to the library."
"And while I'm there, I'll see if they got that new translation of War and Peace. I mean, a girl's got to have some fun!"


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Strange. This symbol pops up at turning points in American History."
"Here it is at a pilgrim settlement."
"Here it is at the Battle Of Gettysburg."
"Here it is when that Real Housewife, Nene, got cast on an actual TV show and--"
*gasp* "Dad?! What are you doing in the library?!"
Homer Icon "Uh... I'm certainly not reading this giant book about witchcraft and Masonic Lodges!"
"I'll just put this back on the bottom shelf…"
Lisa Icon "Dad! When you bend over, your pants slide down and the whole library can see your butt cr--"
"Your birthmark! It's the symbol!"
Homer Icon "I call it my Stonecutter mark."
Lisa Icon "The Stonecutters! Of course! Now I just have to figure out--"
"Dad, please! Pull your pants up and your shirt down."
Homer Icon "Aw, you sound just like your mother."

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Bart, I need you to break into the Stonecutter Lodge. It's illegal and Mom and Dad can't know about it."
Bart Icon "You had me at “it's illegal."
Lisa Icon "Great. We'll do it after Mom and Dad fall asleep."
Bart Icon "You're coming? This better not be one of those things that's supposed to make us “bond” as brother and sister."
Lisa Icon "No! I swear this is just about committing a crime!"
"Although, I can't guarantee that I won't feel closer to you after it's all done."
Bart Icon "If you do, keep it to yourself."


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Good, we've photographed all their secret files. Let's get out of here."
Bart Icon "Right after I finish this sandwich…"
Lisa Icon "No! That's just stealing! We're not going to—Ooh, is that Portobello mushrooms and hummus?"
"Well, seeing as how we've already broken and entered… Gimme that!"

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Okay, we've completed our little caper, now comes the fun part: Reading through the documents and analyzing the data!"
Bart Icon "Yes. That does sound fun."
"I'll read in my room. With the sound of a very loud video game to cover the noise of all my, you know, analyzing."


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Bart! I've figured it out. The leader of The Stonecutters is keeping all the people of Springfield distracted with inane tasks!"
Bart Icon "Huh? Sorry, I wasn't listening -- I was Paintballing in the Brown House."
Lisa Icon "Well, while you and everyone else are pre-occupied, Number 1 is going to pass a law that gives control of Springfield to The Stonecutters!"
Bart Icon "Holy cats! We saved the town! High-five, Sister! Dang! We are so good at figuring out crap!"
Lisa Icon "WE? All you did was shoot Nerf darts at my door and sent me videos of yourself farting. I'm taking the credit for this one!"

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "I'll show Lisa she can't take all the credit just ‘cause she did all the work."
"Hey, Number 1! I'm the son of a Stonecutter. Doesn't that automatically make me a Stonecutter, too?"
Number 1 Icon "Listen, little boy, the rules have become somewhat fluid since the dawning of the magic purple crayon."
"And soon, I alone will decide who is “automatically” anything."
Bart Icon "Not after my sister tells the town about your stupid law-changing plan!"
Number 1 Icon "She knows about that?"
"Find out what else your sister knows. After all, you are automatically one of us, right, Lil Stonecutter?"

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 6Edit


Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "Number 1, Lisa is planning a big rally! She's made a bunch of Anti-Stonecutters signs!"
Number 1 Icon "Pfft. A semi-satanic lodge with absolute power can't be taken down by hand-drawn signs!"
Bart Icon "They're not hand-drawn. She printed them on her computer and glued them to really sturdy cardboard."
Number 1 Icon "Oh. Okay, those you're going to have to destroy. They sound like they would really “pop.”"
Bart Icon "I don't know. That seems kind of mean."
Number 1 Icon "Come now, Bart, have you any idea the benefits of powerful friends?"
"You could trade in Milhouse for a sidekick who is every bit as subservient but less asthmatic and not afraid of birds."
Bart Icon "It's like you overheard my birthday wish."


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Bart! What are you doing? Why are you throwing paint-filled water-balloons at my signs?"
Bart Icon "I didn't enjoy doing this, Lisa…"
"Well, the ones I threw from the roof did look pretty cool when they exploded."
"But I had to betray you in order to achieve a higher goal..."
"Betraying Milhouse."

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 7Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "I did what you wanted. Now give me my Stonecutter outfit and new sidekick."
Number 1 Icon "Yes, yes, you'll receive all membership materials when you turn 21 and are able to actually be in the lodge."
Bart Icon "No fair! It'll take forever just to turn 11. I'm never going to turn 21!"
Number 1 Icon "A lodge is no place for a child. We serve alcohol and occasionally our servers dance out of their blouses."
Bart Icon "Fine. I'll see myself out."
"Through your secret archives!"
Number 1 Icon "That's the long way out, but suit yourself."

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 8Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "What do you want, Bart? Are you here to paint-balloon my saxophone?"
Bart Icon "I'm here to apologize. And to give you information to help you take down The Stonecutters."
Lisa Icon "I'm not sure I accept your apology."
"But I will accept your information. What'cha got?"


Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "The Stonecutters don't allow women and children to join…"
Lisa Icon "…so all we have to do is get women and children to vote against the Stonecutter law! That's brilliant!"
Bart Icon "I was going to say we build an “adult-man-killing”-robot. But your idea sounds less messy... and more possible."

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 9Edit


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Unfortunately, there aren't many women and children in Springfield since the explosion. And most of them are Premium characters."
Bart Icon "No worries. We have plenty of disguises. All the women and kids can vote a bunch of times!"
Lisa Icon "That's one of those ideas that is so stupid it just might work."
Bart Icon "I get those a lot!"


Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon "The proposition has failed by a landslide!"
Number 1 Icon "What?! But then all our plans have been thwarted!!!!"
"We have underestimated the political influence of child-sized pirates and the bearded women who wipe their faces."

The Secret of the Cut Stone Pt. 10Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "We managed to keep those power-hungry wolves at bay."
"But how can we remain vigilant when we're constantly distracted by texts, celebrity nip slips and electronic candy?"
In Game Message Perhaps, for a few minutes a day, you should take a break from your devices. Just to make sure you're not being controlled by a secret organization.
EAIcon "Please ignore the previous message. Everything is fine. Never stop playing. Here are some donuts to squelch any doubt."
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