The Secret Sauce to Success is a side quest line released on April 19, 2016 for the Wild West 2016 Event. It requires Wes Doobner.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 1 Build Wes Doobner's World Famous Rib Huts
Make Sideshow Bob Develop Rib Recipe
The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 2 Make Wes Doobner Perform Lasso Tricks
Make Gluttons Devour Ribs (x3)
The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 3 Make Wes Doobner Expand His Business
Make Gluttons Eat More Ribs (x3)
Sideshow Bob
The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 4 Make Wes Doobner Strut Confidently 60m Cash100
Sideshow Bob
The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 5 Reach Level 23 and Build Channel 6 News
Make Wes Doobner Serve Everything On the Menu
Make Kent Brockman Critique Restaurant for Show
Make Bart Sabotage the Review
Sideshow Bob
The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 6 Make Sideshow Bob Close His Restaurant 2h Cash100
Sideshow Bob

Dialogue Edit

The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Wes Doobner Happy Icon Yee-haw! Wes Doobner is servin' up the tastiest ribs this side of New York's esteemed Eleven Madison Park!
Wes Doobner Happy Icon And unlike THAT rest-y-rant, we won't cancel your regular Tuesday lunch with Elaine May and Jann Wenner just because you tried to murder the Simpsons a few dozen times!
Lisa Nagging Icon Sideshow Bob, we KNOW that's you.
Wes Doobner Annoyed Icon Don't blow this for me, Lisa. Please? It's so hard for an escaped convict to make a fresh start.
Bart Rollingeyes Icon Can we just fast forward to the part where you try -- and fail -- to kill me?
Wes Doobner Happy Icon What's the rush, Bart? Isn't revenge a dish worth savoring? Uh, I mean -- yee-haw!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Wes Doobner Happy Icon I have it! The perfect recipe to lure the unsuspecting Simpsons into my trap!
Bart Confused Icon “Unsuspecting?” We just said we know exactly what you're up to!
Wes Doobner Surprised Icon Uh... did I say that?! Shucks, that weren't nothin' foreshadow-y! Wes Doobner ain't up to squat, y'all!

The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Wiggum Eyeswide Icon Mmmm! These are the tastiest ribs I ever shame-crammed into my disgusting face!
Wes Doobner Icon Are they really THAT good? I had no idea...
Homer Mouthfull Icon They're amazing! I'm going to be a regular customer.
Lisa Angry Icon Seriously, Dad? You'd regularly patronize a restaurant whose whole reason for being is your son's murder?
Homer Mouthfull Icon Hey, if he brings the flavor, he can do what he wants to the boy.
Wes Doobner Happy Icon I can't believe the public likes my cooking! What a feeling of... POWER!
Wes Doobner Icon To take a few simple ingredients and turn them into culinary perfection...
Wes Doobner Icon ‘Tis a feat that would have awed the alchemists of old...
Wiggum Icon Hey, hey! We were promised rope tricks with our meal.
Wes Doobner Happy Icon Of course of course! Coming right up!

The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Sideshow Bob Icon The life of a successful restaurateur is a challenging but deeply fulfilling one.
Sideshow Bob Happy Icon When it all works -- kitchen and front of house functioning in a graceful pas de deux -- there's nothing like it.
Sideshow Bob Icon To think I've squandered so many years on fruitless and petty revenge schemes.
Bart Annoyed Icon Just hurry up and kill me already! We know that's where this is heading.
Sideshow Bob Annoyed Icon Foolish Bart. Can't you see your former nemesis has moved on?
Sideshow Bob Icon The only victims I care to murder now are high prices and inattentive wait service.
Sideshow Bob Icon Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an expansion into Missoula, Montana to plan.
Sideshow Bob Ominous Icon Some are calling it the next Portland. Mu-hah-hah-hah!

The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 4 Edit

Character Dialogue
Sideshow Bob Happy Icon Okay, people! We've just received a tip that Kent Brockman will be dining with us tonight!
Sideshow Bob Icon As host of Brockman's Bites, his reviews can make or break a restaurant!
Sideshow Bob Icon Cletus' Grub Hut once served Brockman an undercooked possum au vin.
Sideshow Bob Sad Icon Six weeks later, they closed forever.
Sideshow Bob Ominous Icon But our casual elegance and unlimited handi-wipes will bring Kent Brockman to his culinary knees.
Sideshow Bob Manic Icon CULINARY KNEES, I SAY!

The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 5 Edit

Character Dialogue
Wes Doobner Icon How do, Kent Brockman! What'll ya have?
Brockman Icon I'll take one of everything on the menu.
Wes Doobner Happy Icon Yee-haw! Now that's the kind of wild appetite we love to serve!
Bart Icon The only thing that could doom this review is rats in the kitchen.
Bart Sneaky Icon And I just happen to have a bucket full of rats right here!

The Secret Sauce to Success Pt. 6 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Wes Doobner Surprised Icon A rat? In my kitchen! This is impossible, this is…
Wes Doobner Angry Icon ...the work of Bart Simpson!
Brockman Grim Icon You can look for my review on Monday, Mr. Doobner. I'll be giving your rat-infested restaurant... THREE STARS.
Wes Doobner Icon Oh. That's actually not so bad.
Brockman Grim Icon I gave Guy Fieri 59 stars just last month. Guy Fieri, Mr. Doobner. You'll be out of business in days.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Sideshow Bob Angry Icon I would have left you in peace, Bart Simpson. But now you die, like my concept for casual-yet-refined down-home cooking!
Bart Happy Icon At last! Here we go!
Sideshow Bob Icon You actually enjoy this, don't you?
Bart Confused Icon I guess I do. Weird, huh?
Wiggum Icon Not so fast, Bob. You're under arrest!
Sideshow Bob Surprised Icon I haven't killed the boy yet, officer! You have to wait until after!
Wiggum Icon You're under arrest for getting a bad review. Yeah, the foodies have pretty much hijacked our criminal code. Disgraceful, but what are you going to do?
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