The Saddest Town in America is the only quest in the Married to the Blob Promotional. It features Kumiko Nakamura.


Quest Requirements Time
The Saddest Town in America Pt. 1 Make Kumiko Sketch Springfielders 8h
The Saddest Town in America Pt. 2 Make Kumiko Visit America’s Saddest Kwik-E-Mart 2h
The Saddest Town in America Pt. 3 Make Kumiko Eat America’s Saddest Fast Food
Make Homer Eat America’s Saddest Fast Food


The Saddest Town in America PrologueEdit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Dad, great news! There’s a new episode of The Simpsons airing this weekend!
Homer Icon "We’re still on that air? I thought that ended years ago? Aren’t we just a game now?
Lisa Icon "No, we’re still on. And we’re one of the most popular shows on broadcast network television."
Homer Icon "Broadcast network television? I thought that ended years ago too."
Lisa Icon "Dad! Stop it! Can’t just you be happy for our show’s continued success?"
Homer Icon "Why should I?"
In Game Message In honor of the show’s continued success, enjoy this never-before-seen character who’ll be appearing in the upcoming episode.
Homer Icon "A free character? Woo-hoo! Go, continued success, go!"

The Saddest Town in America Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Kumiko Icon "Ah, Springfield! I can’t think of a better way to finish my tour of America’s saddest cities."
Homer Icon "What about Detroit? Or Flint? Or pretty much anything in Michigan?"
Kumiko Icon "I said sad, not imploding."
"Would you mind if I captured your image, in order to always remember our meeting?"
Homer Icon "You mean take my photo?"
Kumiko Icon "Please, Japanese people taking photos is the stereotype of my father’s generation."
"I wish to sketch you in my overly-cute-for-a-woman-my-age Hello Kitty notebook."
Homer Icon "Well, okay. But let me turn to the side a little. I’m told I’m easier to draw that way."

The Saddest Town in America Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Kumiko Icon "Before, the sadness of Springfield made me happy. But now I’m remembering happy times in Japan, which makes me sad."
Homer Icon "We have a word for that here — homesick. Also, crazy. Maybe it would cheer you up if I showed you around?"
Kumiko Icon "I would like that. Perhaps take me to your place of business."
Homer Icon "Uh… How about I show you the Kwik-E-Mart instead?"


Character Dialogue
Kumiko Icon "Cookies? Candy bars? Cup-o-soups? This store just sells things you could find in an American vending machine."
"I wish to see something more unusual and exotic, like the things you find in a Japanese vending machine!"
Apu Icon "We do have magazines."
Kumiko Icon "Do any of them have racy adult content yet look like they were drawn for children?"
Apu Icon "No."
Kumiko Icon "Then again I am sad."

The Saddest Town in America Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Still mopey, eh?"
Kumiko Icon "Yes, a bit. Perhaps a traditional Japanese meal would cure my homesickness."
Homer Icon "Great. So now I have to build that sushi restaurant?"
Kumiko Icon "No, I was taking about going to Krusty Burger. There’s one every block where I come from."
Homer Icon "I knew there was a reason Japanese obesity was on the rise. Count me in!"
Kumiko Icon "It is just like the Krusty Burger in my own village. Only you can’t get sake with your meal."
Homer Icon "Sake? That’s rice wine! Can you really get booze in fast food restaurants in Japan?"
Kumiko Icon "I don’t know. But it sounds like something that could be true."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hey Kumiko! It looks like you finally cheered up, huh?"
Kumiko Icon "No, I am still sad. And the fact that you racistly cannot read emotion on Japanese faces makes me sadder."
Homer Icon "What?! No, I… the sun was in my eyes."
Kumiko Icon "Perhaps I just miss my family… especially my short-sighted and controlling father. I wish he were here."
Homer Icon "Well, that’s one thing I've never said about MY father."
"But maybe you could have your father come visit?"
"Or maybe you’ll meet someone new who’ll make you forget all about your sadness?"
"And maybe that will all happen this weekend, on a show I recently learned is still on TV."
To find out what happens to Kumiko, tune in to this Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, 8/7c on FOX. Or don’t. But we did just give you a free character. Just saying…
— In Game Message

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