The Queen and I is the questline from the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event that unlocked when players got the Rigellian Queen.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
The Queen and I Pt. 1 Place Rigellian Queen -- Game
If You Can't Beat Em, Hilarium Make Kang Drink Hilarium
Make Kodos Drink Hilarium
20h Game
The Queen and I Pt. 2 Place Rigellian Tribal Hut -- Kang


The Queen and I Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Kang Icon "Good work, Giant Finger! You have found our queen."
"Now gently and respectfully place her."
"Make room if you have to! Buy more land! Put stuff in the inventory. I shouldn't have to tell you how to do this!"

If You Can't Beat Em, HilariumEdit

Character Dialogue
Kang Icon "Our glorious Queen and her bountiful supply of Hilarium."
Homer Icon "Mmmm... special saliva." *drools*

The Queen and I Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Kang Icon "Our Queen cannot rule without subjects. Let us build a Rigellian district."
"A place where Rigellian immigrants can keep touch with their culture, while learning the ways of this planet we are trying to conquer."
Lisa Icon "Really? So you're still actively invading us, but you're also trying to become part of our tapestry of cultures?"
Kang Icon "Sounds about right."
You can now build Rigellian Tribal Huts in the Make-a-thing Workshop. These huts will generate more Rigellians for you to tap every day!
— In Game Message

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