The Princess and the Pea-Brain is the main questline of the Level 43 update which takes place in Krustyland and starts upon completion of Krusty's Giant Wheel.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 1 Place Balloons (x2)

Reach Level 43 and Build Krusty's Giant Wheel

Krusty 24h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 2 Send Park Goers to Ride Krusty's Giant Wheel (x10) Krusty 2h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 3 Place Flowers (x10)

Make Princess Penelope Play a Princess Song

Princess Penelope 8h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 4 Make Princess Penelope and Krusty Take a Ride on Krusty's Giant Wheel Princess Penelope 12h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 5 Make Krusty Recover from a Small Heart Attack Krusty 12h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 6 Make Krusty Recover from a Small Heart Attack Krusty 12h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 7 Build the Duff Pavillion

Make Krusty and Princess Penelope Play Poker

Krusty 12h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 8 Make Marge and Lisa Go to a Princess Penelope Concert

Make Princess Penelope Perform a Concert
Make Sherri and Terri Go to a Princess Penelope Concert

Lisa 12h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 9 Make Marge Cover Lisa's Eyes

Make Lisa Struggle to Peek

Marge 12h
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 10 Make Krusty Recover from a Small Heart Attack Krusty 12h


The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "Get me my lawyer! The Krustyland Shuttle has an advertisement for a new feature called "Princess Penelope's Palace".
"I never ordered that!"
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "Remember when you were going to marry Princess Penelope? Well, in your prenup you gave her 50% of Krustyland."
"And now she wants control."
Krusty Icon "But I never even married her!"
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "Turns out "marriage" wasn't a requirement."
"I guess I did a pretty bad job negotiating that prenup. But I was in love with love!"
Krusty Icon "I hope you at least got me something in return."
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "She agreed to wait until you reached age 70 to get the remaining half."
Krusty Icon "Good work. My doctor says there's no way I'm living past 63."
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "Princess Penelope also wishes to expand the appeal of the Park with a couple of new "family friendly" attractions."
"Think more balloon, less beer."
Krusty Icon "What?! She's pretty demanding for a 27 year old non-ex-wife in an overpriced dollar store costume."
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "And she'll also need you to build a giant wheel in her honor."
Krusty Icon "OH FOR THE LOVE OF..."

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "I was in love with Princess Penelope, and she dumped me like poop from a cruise ship."
"She can have her stupid “palace”, but I never want to see her face again."
"Wait, what the hell is that?"
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "We're projecting her giant face on low-flying clouds."
Krusty Icon "Turn it off!"
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "It's doubled park attendance."
Krusty Icon "Turn it on!"

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Princess Penelope Icon "Hello, Krusty. I hope you're not still mad I broke off our relationship."
Krusty Icon "Actually, it's real nice to see you."
"And I gotta say you've really fixed up this piece of crap theme park."
Princess Penelope Icon "Well, I just planted some flowers around the crap pieces."
Krusty Icon "Oh, I love flowers. Lotus blossoms, opium poppies, ‘shrooms. They're flowers, right?"
Princess Penelope Icon "Let's plant some together. And afterwards I'll stroke your brow and sing you your favorite song."
Krusty Icon "You're a Cuddly Wuddly Krusty”? Oh boy!"

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Princess Penelope Icon "Krusty, we need to talk. Can we go somewhere quiet and safe?"
Krusty Icon "Not in Krustyland."
Princess Penelope Icon "Let's take a ride on the giant wheel. At least we'll be above the never-ending smell of churros."
Krusty Icon "Actually, I installed churro scent nozzles in every car on the giant wheel."
"Half the park income comes from churros. Interesting fact."

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 5Edit


Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "So why'd you ask me on that rickety death ride, the park's safest and most modern attraction?"
Princess Penelope Icon "I had something dramatic to tell you, but I was a little nervous!"
Krusty Icon "Well, spit it out!"
Princess Penelope Icon "We have a son!"
Krusty Icon "A son?! Glurg."


Character Dialogue
Princess Penelope Icon "I named him after you and me: Shmoikel Mountbatten Hapsburg Hohenzollern Mulan Pocahontas."
Krusty Icon "Well, at least there won't be any other kids with the same name in his kindergarten class."
Princess Penelope Icon "Oh, he's not in kindergarten. He's 25."
Krusty Icon "But you're only 27. How is that possible?"
Princess Penelope Icon "I dunno. Maybe he didn't play enough freemium mobile games. Nothing keeps you young like playing freemium mobile games."
Krusty Icon "That's extremely unlikely."
Princess Penelope Icon "Well, if anyone has another explanation, tweet it to #TappedOutShmoikel. If we think your idea is funny, we might give you something special, like, I don’t know, a GAZILLION donuts!"
Krusty Icon "Fat chance! Anyway, let’s assume we've got a grown-up son and get on with the story."

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 6Edit

Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "So what's this son of mine like, anyway?"
Princess Penelope Icon "He's obese, a high school dropout, and has recurring jaundice."
"He spends his days playing weird board games with his friends and he likes to kiss me on the lips."
Krusty Icon *groan* "When women tell me they've had my secret baby, they never say "and he's a genius".
Princess Penelope Icon "He just needs someone to give him a job with some real responsibility."
"Of course, if you did that he'd probably be so busy you'd never see him."
Krusty Icon "You had me at "never see him"!
Princess Penelope Icon "...That’s why I’ve decided we should put him in charge of Krustyland!"
Krusty Icon "Glurg!"

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 7Edit


Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "As long as I own half of Krustyland, I'm not putting some kid in charge."
"This is a job for a sensible adult who can make reasoned, mature decisions."
Princess Penelope Icon "Then how about we play a hand of poker. Winner gets all of Krustyland."
Krusty Icon "A crazy gamble? Done."


Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "I can't believe I lost."
Princess Penelope Icon "That's because “three of the same color” isn't a poker hand."
Krusty Icon "Don't tell the monkey that. It's the only way I ever beat him."
"Well, you own all the park now. Have fun with it. You'll be the first person who ever did."

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 8Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Wow, I love what Krusty's son has done with Krustyland."
"Especially for a guy that never appears."
Marge Icon "It's so clean! He's even added a private room for nursing mothers, instead of that bench next to where guys line up to get into the men's toilet."
Lisa Icon "I like how instead of sullen teens manning the food kiosks, it's now disengaged hipsters."
Sherri & Terri Icon "Come on! Princess Penelope is giving a free concert at Sleeping Itchy's Castle."
Sherri & Terri Icon "I'm gonna whip myself into a princess frenzy and then go nuts at the Enchanted Cave of Tie-In Merchandise."

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 9Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Icon "Isn't this nice? Princess Penelope is playing guitar and singing in a carriage."
"Wait. Where did that driving beat drop from?"
Sherri & Terri Icon "Who are all those male dancers?"
Sherri & Terri Icon "Why is she ripping off her dress?"
Marge Icon "She's Alaska Nebraska-ing her kid-friendly image!"

The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 10Edit

Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "I gotta say, our kid's done a great job with Krustyland."
Princess Penelope Icon "We learned a valuable lesson about parenting too."
Krusty Icon "Yeah. Stay out of the picture for 25 years, then give them everything you own, and things will be fine."
"It worked for Rupert Murdoch."
"Will I ever actually get to see my 25 year old son?"
Princess Penelope Icon "No, Krusty. He's returned to where he came from: the Land of People Who Are Only Needed for Plot Points. It's next to MacGuffin Island."
"You know. I've reserved the penthouse at the Krustyland Hotel."
"It comes with two white tigers."
"Would you like to be the third...?"
Krusty Icon "Shmlug"
You unlocked a new job for Princess Penelope! You can now send her to Sleep in the Penthouse with Two White Tigers.
— In Game Message

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