The Perfect Pitch is a limited time main questline released on June 25, 2015, during the Tap Ball 2015 Event's Soccer Cup.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The Perfect Pitch Make Homer Draft A Marketing Plan 8h Cash100, XP10 Homer


The Perfect PitchEdit


Character Dialogue
Homer Surprised Icon "I can't believe it! You know what they're showing on TV right now? Basketball!"
Lisa Icon "Not that I care, but isn't it the finals or something?"
Homer Icon "You're missing the point. Tap Ball has been around for a few days already. Why do all those other, vastly inferior sports still exist?"
Homer Angry Icon "Why haven't LeBron James and Mike Trout and whoever-the-best-hockey-player-is quit their sports to play Tap Ball?"
Lisa Annoyed Icon "Because the sports they play make sense, have consistent rules, pay them well, and won't disappear in one month when you tire of running them."
Homer Thoughtful Icon "No, no, no, no! I cannot agree with a single word you just said. It's quite obviously a marketing problem."


Character Dialogue
Lisa Deadpan Icon "Boy, Dad, you really went for it with this plan. Corporate tie-ins? Stadium naming rights? Can you possibly follow through with this?"
Homer Sarcastic Icon "I've always suspected I was pretty awesome at business."
Homer Icon "Plus, it'll be a snap. Everyone knows that sports only exist to sell alcoholic beverages to fans."
Lisa Nagging Icon "Uh, I don't think the ancient Greek Olympic Games were created to sell wine."
Homer Icon "Sure they were! And many years before that, some caveman figured out how to ferment saber tooth tiger poop, and invented Rock Ball to promote it."
Homer Happy Icon "Hey! That gives me a good idea -- we should add rock-throwing to Tap Ball. Nobody doesn't like watching guys get bonked by rocks!"
Lisa Nagging Icon "I'm pretty confident no major beer company is going to sponsor Tap Ball..."
Duffman Icon "Introducing Lady Duff! The first beer brewed especially for the ladies! And now, the official beer of Tap Ball!"
Lady Duff is now available in the store!
— In-Game Message

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