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The Others is a tutorial task in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The task is for the player to Visit Other Springfield. It introduces the player to the social aspect of the game.


Quest Requirements Reward
The Others Visit The Other Springfield Cash100


The Others[]

Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon.png "Glaven! I come from an alternate Springfield in a parallel universe."
Homer Icon.png "Well, you should hurry back there and let the good people of Alternate Springfield know that Alternate Homer is fixing to blow them up good."
Professor Frink Icon.png "Too late, you multi-dimensional train-wreck."
Professor Frink Icon.png "On the upside, these explosions have kablooey-ed the very fabric of space-time, making travel between Springfields possible."
Lisa Sad Icon.png "But... that doesn't make any sense."
Professor Frink Icon.png "Don't think about it too closely. Just accept it and keep playing."

Visit Other Springfield[]

Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon.png "Welcome to Springfield Prime. As you can see, our city is vastly more advanced than your own."
Homer Icon.png "Wow. I'd spend any amount of money -- real, actual money -- to have a town like this!"

Back To Springfield[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png "We should visit other Springfields every day! It could help us rebuild our own Springfield. AND it's great exercise!"