The Mysterious Brown House is a multi-part questline. This is available as part of the Tutorial in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. This is completed over time as you progress through the game.


Quest Requirements Reward Time
The Mysterious Brown House Pt 1 Make Homer Break into the Brown House and Watch TV Cash100
The Mysterious Brown House Pt 2 Make Apu Relax in the Brown House Cash100
The Mysterious Brown House Pt 3 Make Bart and Milhouse Paintball in the Brown House Cash100
2h (each)
The Mysterious Brown House Pt 4 Make Cletus Harvest Copper Wire from the Brown House Cash100
The Mysterious Brown House Pt 5 Make Quimby 'Nap' In the Brown House Cash100


The Mysterious Brown House Pt 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "We've lived next to that Brown House for years, and I've never seen anyone go in or out."
Lisa Icon "I guess the owner is away a lot."
Homer Icon "It's nicely furnished. Very tasteful."
Lisa Icon "Get away from their window, Dad."
Homer Icon "Lisa, look! They have 3-D TV, and the glasses -- they're just my size!"
Homer Icon "It must be a sign!"
Lisa Icon "You're not going to break into our neighbors' home to watch TV, are you?"
Homer Icon "Of course not! I would hope you'd know me better than that."

The Mysterious Brown House Pt 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Apu, you look exhausted!"
Homer Icon "Why not treat yourself to a Little R and R?"
Homer Icon "The Brown House has a sweet sauna and Jacuzzi."
Apu Icon "Does the lawful owner allow strangers access to his home?"
Homer Icon "Sure"
Homer Icon "I break in there all the time, and he never fixes the window."
Homer Icon "So, obviously, he's cool with it."

The Mysterious Brown House Pt 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon "Bart!"
Milhouse Icon "Look what I found in the woods."
Bart Icon "Whoa... paintball guns!"
Bart Icon "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Milhouse Icon "Brown House?"
Bart Icon "Brown House"

The Mysterious Brown House Pt 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Cletus, I see you staring at the Brown House."
Homer Icon "Pretty great place, huh?"
Cletus Icon "It's the fanciest hovel I've ever seen!"
Cletus Icon "Non-dirt floors, some manner of heating system that don't involve sleeping next to pigs, and nice white walls..."
Homer Icon "It must seem a paradise to a slack-jawed yokel such as yourself.
Cletus Icon "White walls full of shiny copper wires."
Cletus Icon "So valuable, so easily removed..."
Homer Icon "Go on, take a peek inside!"
Cletus Icon "I might just."

The Mysterious Brown House Pt 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon "Simpson!"
Quimby Icon "Why have you not yet managed to build a single sleazy motel in this horrible town?"
Homer Icon "I dunno"
Homer Icon "What's the big emergency?"
Quimby Icon "Miss Springfield and I are feeling sleepy, no doubt as a result of hard work and effective governance."
Quimby Icon "We would like to take a nap."
Quimby Icon "In the same room, so that we may discuss important matters of policy as they arise."
Homer Icon "Sounds like a job for the brown house."
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