The Magic Schoolbus is a premium questline released on September 17, 2014 during the Level 45 update. The player has to have both the School Bus and Uter to unlock this quest.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
The Magic Schoolbus Make Uter Sit Alone on the Bus Uter 4h


The Magic SchoolbusEdit


Character Dialogue
Uter Icon "I cannot wait to see all my school friends again."
"I am sure they will be happy to see me again, too."


Character Dialogue
Otto Icon "Whoa, little dude, I didn't even notice you sitting there."
Uter Icon "You've been sitting on me for half an hour."
Otto Icon "I thought you were a bean bag chair. I guess I solved the mystery of the screaming bean bag chair."
Uter Icon "Oh wise bus driver, I feel so alone. My only friends are the ones I eat."
Otto Icon "Whoa, dude, never eat your friends. If they're anything like Dave, they'll get super mad."
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