The Krusty-Less Place on Earth was a limited-time questline released on May 30, 2018, as the short quest intro to the Itchy & Scratchy Land 2018 Event.

It leads player through destroying Krustyland Expansion. It was succeeded by the Act 1 main questline The Itchy-Est Place on Earth, during which the Krustyland is rebuilt back in Springfield.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The Krusty-Less Place on Earth Pt. 1 Make Springfielders Complain About Krustyland (x3) 6s Cash100
The Krusty-Less Place on Earth Pt. 2 Return to Krustyland
Nuke Krustyland
 ??? Quimby

Dialogue Edit

The Krusty-Less Place on Earth Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Helen Lovejoy Angsty Icon Krustyland has become an eyesore. No one even goes there anymore!
Quimby Icon Well, none of us thought our little town would be around so long that it would matter.
Quimby Annoyed Icon I mean, six years into this thing, and Sky Finger is still tap-tap-tapping away at us. Why?!
Helen Lovejoy Angsty Icon There's no logical explanation, but here we are. Your people will not rest until Krustyland is gone!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Sly Icon Maybe I can turn this into a win-win for our little town...

The Krusty-Less Place on Earth Pt. 2 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Stern Icon You are hereby notified that Krustyland will be wiped off the map effective immediately.
Krusty Surprised Icon Impossible! It took months of clicking and waiting to build that park!
Quimby Proud Icon Not to worry. We have found a safe, gentle way to quietly remove your theme park.

Start to Nuke Krustyland Edit

Character Dialogue
Krusty Tocamera Surprised Icon Oh No!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Krusty Surprised Icon WHAT?! You nuked it?
Quimby Happy Icon Our friends in the military paid handsomely to test out their newest weapon.
General Icon The ThrillBuster Anti-Theme Park Tactical Nuclear Warhead is a success!
General Icon At last, our nation is safe from the threat of fun and rides.
Quimby Smug Icon These guys prepare for everything.
Everything from Krustyland has been salvaged to your storage! You've earned Free Land Tokens from your Krustyland!
— System message.

Gallery Edit

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