The Itchy and Scratchy Store is a retail shop located on Springfield Squidport selling merchandise based on the TV show Itchy and Scratchy. It was released with the Squidport Expansion and costs the player 32,000 cash to purchase. The Itchy and Scratchy Store produces 90 cash and 10 XP every 4 hours and takes 24 hours to build.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Quest Based Jobs

Bart Simpson

  • Browse the Itchy & Scratchy Store - 4h

Milhouse Van Houten

  • Browse the Itchy & Scratchy Store - 4h


  • Some players experienced a glitch in which the quest does not automatically progress upon completion the building. It will appear on the task list as if uncompleted. If this occurs, move the building to inventory, open the inventory, and then place it to get the game progressing forward.
    • This glitch was later fixed with some minor in-game updates (this trick actually works with a lot of other things besides this).


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