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The Good Son is the questline from the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event that unlocked when the player gets Hugo Simpson.


  • The quest is named after the 1993 American film by the same name.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
The Good Son Pt. 1 Make Hugo Eat Fish-Heads
Make Homer Way Oversleep for a Power Nap Count
4h Game
The Good Son Pt. 2 Make Hugo Sleep in the Simpson Attic 24h Hugo
The Good Son Pt. 3 Make Hugo Walk the Pigeon-Rat 12h Hugo
The Good Son Pt. 4 Make Hugo Clean His Room
Make Bart Paintball in the Brown House
The Good Son Pt. 5 Build Spooky House Hugo
The Good Son Pt. 6 Nap at the Spooky House 16h Hugo


The Good Son Pt. 1[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon.png "Hugo, I want you to know, that even though you're a weird little monster-face, I think of you as a son."
Hugo Angry Icon.png "I AM your son! Bart and I were conjoined twins. Don't you remember?"
Homer Guilty Icon.png "Right, right. I really should remember that. Let me take you out to Krusty Burger, uh, son."
Hugo Icon.png "All I eat are fish heads. But I have extra, wanna join me for dinner?"
Homer Sarcastic Icon.png "Absolutely. You get started and I'll be right there."

The Good Son Pt. 2[]

Character Dialogue
Hugo Icon.png "Dad? I missed you at dinner."
Homer Guilty Icon.png "I'm sorry. I'm just not that much of an eater."
Hugo Icon.png "You're eating two buckets of chicken right now."
Homer Eating Icon.png "Yeah. I'm also incredibly inconsistent."
Hugo Icon.png "Dad?"
Homer Icon.png "Yes, boy. I mean – Son?"
Hugo Icon.png "Are you embarrassed of me?"
Homer Guilty Icon.png "What?!"
Homer Sad Icon.png "No! No, no, no, no, no! Absolutely not."
Homer Scared Icon.png "Oops, I think that's someone at the door. Time to go to your attic, where no one can see you."

The Good Son Pt. 3[]

Character Dialogue
Hugo Icon.png "Oh, Pigeon-Rat, you're my only friend."
"My family is embarrassed of me."
"Let's you and I take a walk, and clear our heads."
"I wish I knew what all those coos and squeaks mean."
Pigeon Rat *Please don't take us outside. We don't want to be seen with you, freak!*

The Good Son Pt. 4[]

Character Dialogue
Marge Icon.png "Hugo, your father and I are sorry that we've hidden you away all this time."
"I guess it's the whole “evil twin” thing."
Hugo Icon.png "But I'M the good twin."
Marge Icon.png "Oh, that's right. That was the twist."
Homer Icon.png "Why do we keep forgetting that?"
Bart Icon.png "‘Cause you're a lard-head. Smell ya later, gang."

The Good Son Pt. 5[]

Character Dialogue
Hugo Icon.png "The more time I spend with my family, the more I'm convinced they are ALL evil twins."
"I have to find a place of my own."
You can now build Spooky Houses in the Make-a-thing Workshop. These houses will generate a daily Treat Bag!
— In Game Message