The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy
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Wild West 2016 Event

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Release Date

May 17, 2016

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Preceded by

A Fistful of Bothers (Act 2)

The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy is the limited-time main questline for Act 3 of the Wild West 2016 Event.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 1 Make Saints Build a Mission at the Town Plaza (x3)
Make Gummy Joe Tell Stories to Mission Builders
The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 2 Make Lisa Ominously Warn
Make Springfielders Overreact to Warnings (x5)
The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 3 Reach Level 12 and Place Bart's Tree House
Make Lisa Convince Skinner to Help
Make Bart Convince Gummy Joe to Help
The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 4 Make Snake Ready the Henchmen
Make the Simpsons Prepare for Standoff (x5)
Make Gummy Joe and Skinner Prepare for Standoff
Collect All Finale Pieces
The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 5 Play Act 3 Finale - Cash100
The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 6 Place Frontier Gold Treasure
Make Homer Dig Up Frontier Gold Treasure (x2)
Gummy Joe

Dialogue Edit

The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Alarmed Icon Snake may have run off for now, but he'll be back. We need to protect the town.
Ned Icon If we want fool-proof, iron-clad protection from those who would harm us, there is really only one thing to do...
Lisa Annoyed Icon Don't say “build a church” don't say “build a church” don't say “build a church”...
Ned Dreamy Icon We'll build a church! When you're in trouble, nothing screams “Lord, help me first, before those other people!” like a brand new church.
Gummy Joe Icon In the old west, we don't build churches. We build Missions.
Ned Shocked Icon Missions? Aren't those a little C-c-c-c-c-c-atholic?

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Ned Surprised Icon Would you look at that? There's a Triple Eagle gold coin inside the mission!

The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Angry Icon I saw the gold coin first! It's mine!
Quimby Proud Icon Any gold found inside the town limits is subject to tax. Also, the Mayor gets to rub said gold against his cheek and call it his precious. Very old law. Very important.
Lisa Nagging Icon People, we can't come unglued every time we stumble upon an old coin.
Moe Angry Icon Don't listen to her! Come unglued! Youse guys, riot on those guys. I'm going to smash that lamppost with a baseball bat until doing that fixes society.

The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Alarmed Icon Principal Skinner, you've got to help defend Springfield against Snake and his outlaw gang!
Skinner Icon If you need a hero, Springfield has better options. Disco Stu, for example. Or Crazy Cat Lady. Even Total Coward Dan is significantly braver than me.
Lisa Nagging Icon Well, you have a gun, don't you? Didn't the NRA sponsor some bill requiring you to be packing any time you're on school grounds?
Skinner Icon I can't even smile at a kindergartener unless I'm carrying an anti-tank missile.
Lisa Shouting Icon Then come with me! And bring any weapons you've got!
Bart Icon Gummy Joe! Will you stand with me?
Gummy Joe Sad Icon Why me? I’m old. I’m not that popular. If I disappeared tomorrow, Springfield wouldn’t suffer.
Bart Happy Icon BECAUSE you’re old. BECAUSE no one likes you. BECAUSE you seem to be around whenever a gold coin turns up.
Gummy Joe Happy Icon Rousing words! I'll do it!

The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 4 Edit

Character Dialogue
Outlaw Snake Icon People of Springfield! The day of, like, reckoning is upon you! Totally.
Outlaw Snake Icon Tell me where the gold is, and nobody gets hurt.
Brute Icon Why Snake say “nobody get hurt?” Brutus want hurt people.
Outlaw Snake Icon Brutus, look--
Brute Angry Icon Don't “Brutus, look” Brutus. Terms of Brutus employment very clear: “Brutus shall render people-hurting services to the Snake Gang, Ltd. (hereafter, ‘SGL'). Brutus will have--“
Outlaw Snake Annoyed Icon I know what the contract says.
Brute Angry Icon BRUTUS NOT FINISHED. “Brutus will have full discretion as to severity and breadth of Brutus people-hurting.”
Brute Angry Icon Brutus confused. Contract language seem crystal clear. Maybe Brutus make mistake?
Outlaw Snake Annoyed Icon No, no. Technically you're right.
Brute Angry Icon Oh, so good of Snake to tell Brutus he right! When Brutus KNOW he right because Brutus READ CONTRACT.
Outlaw Snake Sad Icon Okay, everybody. Time out. I need to sort a few things out with my gang.

The Gold, the Dad, and the Gummy Pt. 6 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Gummy Joe Sad Icon Sorry I let you think there was a massive pile of gold coins out there to discover.
Gummy Joe Sad Icon I just wanted you to build Old Springfield, so your kids could learn valuable frontier skills.
Gummy Joe Icon Skills like: tobacco chewin', gun fightin', rattlesnake tossin', “g” droppin' and horse-polishin'.
Gummy Joe Icon Fortunately, I'm financially set thanks to the success of Toothless Joe's Gum.
Gummy Joe Happy Icon So if you want the gold, take it!
Homer Happy Icon You mean… we're finally going to have the treasure?

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Glassedeye Icon It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Aside from my wife and kids'... pile of gold, should they ever get one.