The The Emu Experience is a limited-time decoration that was released on August 1, 2018, as part of the Moe's Ark 2018 Event. It was the first animal habitat of the event, given free.

About Edit

The Emu Experience is part of the Springfield City Zoo. One day, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney planed to harass Ned Flanders. They chased him on their motorbikes to the Zoo, but they lost him and abandoned their pursuit - next to The Emu Experience.

Jobs Involved Edit

Although performed at The Emu Experience, jobs of characters volunteering at the habitat are managed at the Springfield Zoo Entrance.

Temporary Jobs

Homer, Lisa, Bart, Marge, Apu, Krusty, Cletus, Ned, Skinner, Milhouse, Brittany Brockman

  • Volunteer at The Emu Experience - 4h

Azzlan, Kitenge

  • Volunteer at The Emu Experience - 4h

Event's Quest Based Jobs


  • Volunteer at The Emu Experience - 6s

Animals Edit

The Emu Experience animal slots

The Emu Experience can be occupied by various animals. Player can assign them to 4 spots. Only two animals are unlocked at Level 1, more can be unlocked by leveling up. Animals are displayed in the habitat.

Icon Animal Available at Level Cumulative Costs To Unlock
Emu Sidebar Emu 1 Free
Llama Sidebar Llama 1 Free
Bighorn Sidebar Bighorn 2 Sanctuary Grants Icon500
Buck and Fawn Sidebar Buck and Fawn 5 Sanctuary Grants Icon2500
Armadillo Sidebar Armadillo 7 Sanctuary Grants Icon3750

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Habitat Indicator

The Emu Experience can be upgraded using Sanctuary Grants. The prizes unlocked include new animals and modular pieces to add to the habitat. The modular pieces placed increase the Attraction Bonus at the Springfield Zoo Entrance.

Level Image Item Cost/How to obtain Attraction Bonus * Animal Unlocked
1 The Emu Experience Menu The Emu Experience CashFREE, start We Stole a Zoo Pt. 2 1.25% Emu Sidebar Llama Sidebar
2 Bighorn Menu Bighorn Sanctuary Grants Icon500 - Bighorn Sidebar
3 TEE Duck Pond Menu Duck Pond Sanctuary Grants Icon750 1% -
4 TEE Hay Bale Menu Hay Bale Sanctuary Grants Icon500 1% -
5 Buck and Fawn Menu Buck and Fawn Sanctuary Grants Icon750 - Buck and Fawn Sidebar
6 TEE Petting Zoo Awning Menu Petting Zoo Awning Sanctuary Grants Icon500 1% -
7 Armadillo Menu Armadillo Sanctuary Grants Icon750 - Armadillo Sidebar
8 The Emu Experience Menu The Emu Experience ** Sanctuary Grants Icon900 N/A N/A

* At least one square of the item should be placed for the Attraction Bonus to increase.
** One more Level 1 upgradable The Emu Experience is obtained.

Trivia Edit

  • More can be obtained. The 1st one is free. Additional ones can be obtained by leveling it up.

Gallery Edit

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