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Death of a Hero was a questline from the Superheroes 2015 Event.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
The Death of a Hero Pt. 1 Make Homer Fling Pies Indoors 30m Auto
The Death of a Hero Pt. 2 Make Pie Man Fling Indiscriminate Pies at Springfielders 4h Pie Man
The Death of a Hero Pt. 3 Build the Superior Squad HQ 4h Lisa
The Death of a Hero Pt. 4 Make Fallout Boy Destroy the Mind Control Ray
Make Sure NOTHING Bad Happens!
6s Fallout Boy


The Death of a Hero Pt. 1[]

Character Dialogue
System Message "Somewhere in Springfield, a new evil rises!"
Homer Passedout Icon.png "Mmm... Pie."
Marge Sleepy Icon.png "Homie, come back to bed. You're sweets-walking again."
Homer Passedout Icon.png "Mmm... must fling pie!"
Marge Angry Icon.png "Homer! Where are you going?"
Homer Furious Icon.png "...PIE!!!"

The Death of a Hero Pt. 1 End[]

Character Dialogue
Marge Sad Icon.png "Kids, have you seen your father? He was acting funny in bed last night. And it wasn't Jimmy Fallon funny."
Marge Sad Icon.png "I just hope he passes out somewhere safe."

The Death of a Hero Pt. 2[]

Character Dialogue
System Message "Meanwhile. On the other side of town..."
Carl Surprised Icon.png "Lenny, look! It's our fruit-filled friend, Pie Man!"
Lenny Surprised Icon.png "I know it ain't pie, but could you autograph my sandwich, Pie Man?"
Pie Man Furious Icon.png "PIE!"
Lenny Anguished Icon.png "Arghh!! You pie'd my eye! Why Pie Man? Why?"

The Death of a Hero Pt. 2 End[]

Character Dialogue
System Message "All across Springfield..."
Hans Moleman Sad Icon.png "Instead of my morning muffin, my wakeup call was a pie in the puss."
Rev. Lovejoy Surprised Icon.png "Someone hob-cobblered our house of worship! What Pontius Pie-lat dares wash their hands of this?"
Apu Angry Icon.png "The greatest insult of all - my own putrid pies thrown back at me!"

The Death of a Hero Pt. 3[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Worried Icon.png "Dad, I mean... um, Dad-man, I mean... Pie-Dad, I mean..."
Bart Rollingeyes Icon.png "Could we stop pretending the passed-out guy smeared with pie filling and "Homer" in Magic Marker on his underwear isn't Dad?"
Lisa Deadpan Icon.png "I don't get it. Pie Man is supposed to be putting a crimp in this city's bad crust."
System Message "What turned the right-minded Pie Man into a wrong-doing super-dud?"
System Message "Looks like it's up to Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy to take a slice out of Pie Man's crimes"

The Death of a Hero Pt. 3 End[]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Shocked Icon.png "What?! How can comic book characters be in Springfield?"
Abraham Lincoln Icon.png "You're splitting rails about outside characters, now?!"
Space Mutant Icon.png "We've infected your Earth since it was formed "mumble-mumble" years ago!"
Professor Frink Icon.png "At this juncture the rules of Springfield and science have been broken. You need to just deal *ahem* with it."

The Death of a Hero Pt. 4[]

Character Dialogue
Fallout Boy Surprised Icon.png "Heapin' high blood pressure! That forty-eight waist-product is acting strange, Radioactive Man."
Radioactive Man Icon.png "You're right. It's obvious he's under the influence of some kind of mind-control ray!"
Radioactive Man Icon.png "We need to locate the source and destroy it!"
Radioactive Man Icon.png "Up and atom, Fallout Boy!"
Lisa Deadpan Icon.png "Boy, I'm about to "fall out" of this story. What's going on?"
Bart Icon.png "The beauty of comic books is that you don't waste time explaining. That makes the confusing ending more satisfying!"

The Death of a Hero Pt. 4 End[]

Character Dialogue
Fallout Boy Icon.png "I'll use my Fallout Boy powers to push the button on this Mind Control Ray."
Radioactive Man Surprised Icon.png "Wait, Fallout Boy! NO!"
Character Dialogue
Fallout Boy Sad Icon.png "Radioactive Man is dead and it's all because of my dumb button-thumping finger."
Homer Confused Icon.png "Huh?... Whah?... A pie in my hand?! All in all, not the worst way to wake up from a black out."
Fallout Boy Sad Icon.png "... and to add insult to terminal injury we didn't even cure this poor man of his pie obsession"
Lisa Embarrassed Icon.png "Umm... no... he's back to normal... *nervous laugh*"
System Message QuestFailed.jpg