The Day the Earth Stood Cool Promotional was a limited time promotional task series that was released to promote the Simpsons episode of the same title, "The Day the Earth Stood Cool". It was released on November 30, 2012.

Episode SummaryEdit

Homer befriends Terrence and Emily, new neighbors from Portland. Homer becomes like Terrence because he wants a younger, hipper image. When Bart gets into a fight with Terrance and Emily's son T-Rex, the friendship becomes strained and Terrence, angry at the Simpsons, calls his friends from Portland, and Springfield is soon full with 'cool' people. Meanwhile, Marge feels uncomfortable around Emily and her friends when they are breastfeeding, and she is feeding Maggie from the bottle.

New contentEdit

Below is a list of all the new content included in the promotional. Note that some or all of the items listed below may not be available after the promotional is over.


Name Unlocked
Cool Homer Cool Brown House


Name Cost
Cool Brown House FREE

Promotional imagesEdit

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