The Day Springfield Stood Still is a Treehouse of Horror XXIV quest involving Kodos. Both the Victorian UFO and the Ray Gun were required to start this quest.

Players who unlocked Kodos during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event in 2014 also received this quest.


Quest Requirements
The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 1 Make Kodos Act Harmless
The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 2 Build the Springfield Library

Make Kodos Read Grade 4 Science Books

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 3 Make Kodos Demonstrate Superior Technology
The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 4 Make Kodos Impersonate Kang
Just the Two of Us Make Kang and Kodos Exchange Long Protein Strings



Character Dialogue
Kodos Icon "I knew we should have paid for the ray-gun-proof undercoating!"
Use the Ray Gun to shoot at the ship.
Kodos Icon "Pathetic earthling. Thanks to my top-of-line spaceship armor, it will take at least 100 shots to knock me from the sky. 99 to go…"
Keep shooting
Kodos Icon "Arg! That armor salesman lied to me. Oh, why did I buy it from Zarkon the Unreliable?!"
Professor Frink Icon "Good hoyven moyven! He couldn’t have crashed into a school or hospital instead of my precious Ray Gun?"

"I put another in storage, but don’t start thinking I’m made of Ray Guns."

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Kodos Icon "PUNY HUMANS! There is still the devastating power of our single, steam-powered, flying saucer!"
Lisa Icon "Oh no! So with that you can defeat Earth’s thousands of nuclear missiles and millions of jets, tanks and soldiers?"
Kodos Icon "Um… PUNY HUMANS! I come in peace."

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Kodos Icon "Worthless human, can your ignorant mind recommend a good place to hibernate?"
Cletus Icon "Why it’s the Giant Octosquid What Fell From The Sky! If I help you, will you grant me three wishes?"
Kodos Icon "My replicator will produce anything you desire, except donuts. That would ruin the in-game economy and make it not fun — trust me."
Cletus Icon "Well, when I need a nap, usually enjoy me the quiet of the big book building."
Kodos Icon "A building full of books? You store your knowledge in one place?"

"Why I can absorb all of your Earth knowledge and use it to DESTROY YOUR PLANET!"

Cletus Icon "You’re need one of them fancy library cards first."

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "So how are you going to terrify us this time? Laser whips? Ultraprobes? Space karaoke?"
Kodos Icon "DO NOT MOCK SPACE KARAOKE! It’s something to do when you’re stuck in hyperwarp watching the same 15 DVDs over and over again."

"Now, you will learn to fear the impressive majesty of Rigellian technology. Behold THIS!"


Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "That’s a baby toy. And it’s been boring babies since it was invented."
Kodos Icon "Well…we had them first!"

The Day Springfield Stood Still Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Kodos Icon "Kang, you must hide me. I have been embarrassed… in front of a child."
Kang Icon "We stick out on this planet. There is only one person you could disguise yourself as and not be recognized. Me!"
Kodos Icon "Very well."

"But if this is a trick to get me to pay your gambling debts again, I shall not be pleased."

Just the Two of UsEdit

Character Dialogue
Kodos Icon "You know Kang, it’s starting to feel like we might be here for a while."
Kang Icon "Such a statement of truth. At least, Kodos, we have each other."
Kodos Icon "Yes. Now let us begin the disgusting and laborious process of feeding on each other!"


  • When Kodos said that the replicator could not replicate donuts, because if it could, it would ruin the in-game economy; she broke the fourth wall, as in referencing the game she's in. 
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