The Collector is a limited time quest chain that unlocked when the player had collected 29000 Pie Bombs and received The Collector during issue 2 of the Superheroes Event 2015. Upon completion, the player could craft items in the Android's Dungeon.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
The Collector Pt. 1 Reach Level 13 and Build Android's Dungeon
Make Comic Book Guy Wear The Collector Outfit
24h Cash100
The Collector Pt. 2 Make Clownface Steal The Collector's Collection 6s Cash100
Comic Book Guy
The Collector Pt. 3 Capture Criminals to Find Lockpicks (x5)
Exchange Lockpicks for the Botanical Garden
- Cash100
Krusty the Clown


The Collector Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon "I seem to have been zapped with a Mind Control Ray, warping me back to Season 11's -- The Collector!"
Comic Book Guy Icon "They'll need a stronger mind-meld to overcome the fact that The Collector was encased in Lucite and died at the end of that episode."
Comic Book Guy Annoyed Icon "Worst."
Comic Book Guy Annoyed Icon "Update."
Comic Book Guy Annoyed Icon "Ever."


Character Dialogue
The Collector Icon "I could fight off this Mind Control Ray but that would mean actual effort. So instead ... I give you The Collector!"

The Collector Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
The Collector Icon "So what pray tell is the purpose of my character's reboot?"
Clownface Icon "You're tagging along with me on my crime wave."
The Collector Icon "The Collector collects for no one other than my dear, sweet Kumiko!"
Kumiko Icon "The Collector is no fool. I threatened to swap his Super Squishee for a healthy alternative."
Clownface Icon "And they call me the villain."

The Collector Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Clownface Icon "Steal for me or kiss your own collection good-bye, Collector!"
The Collector Sad Icon "My Boba Fett Belt Buckle?! My Silver Surfer Fanny Pack?! My Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver?! All gone! You monster!"
The Collector Annoyed Icon "I swear by The Collector's crop-top T-shirt, I will return these items to their Mylar repositories!"
Kumiko Icon "Does this mean you won't be back for dinner?"
The Collector Icon "Miss dinner?! Never!I shall return pre-bibbed with fork and knife in hand, my sweet!"
In Game Message "You can now help The Collector reclaim his belongings and exchange them for prizes!"


Character Dialogue
The Collector Icon "Precious memorabilia. How I've longed to run my stubby fingers over you!"
The Collector Icon "A mere Mind Control Ray pales in comparison to my love of my keepsakes."
The Collector Icon "Please, I implore you to keep looking for more. I'll reward you handsomely if you do!"
In Game Message "Keep performing heroic deeds and finding more items on behalf of the Collector. New Prizes now available!"

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