The Champ's Come-Back quests are a series of quests from the Whacking Day 2013 Event featuring Drederick Tatum and the Springfield Coliseum.


Quest Requirements Time Reward
The Champ's Come-Back Pt. 1 Collect Whacked Snakes (x10000) - Snake Currency Icon25
XP150 NEW PRIZE Springfield Coliseum with Drederick Tatum
The Champ's Come-Back Pt. 2 Make Tatum Walk the Tiger 4h Cash100
The Champ's Come-Back Pt. 3 Reach Level 16 and Build the Gilded Truffle
Make Tatum Dine at the Truffle
Make Homer Dine at the Truffle
The Champ's Come-Back Pt. 4 Make Tatum Stay in Shape
Make Homer Way Over Sleep for a Power Nap


The Champ's Come-Back Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Drederick Tatum Icon "I can't believe I had to move back to Springfield. I was hoping doing the Hangover sequels would be my rock bottom."
Apu Icon "Drederick Tatum! What an honor! I studied your "Rock 'em , Sock 'em" workouts to learn how to defend my Kwik-E-Mart."
Drederick Tatum Icon "Those DVD's paid for a lake house in Switzerland... for my accountant after he stole my money."
"I've had to scale back my extravagant lifestyle. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to walk my tiger."

The Champ's Come-Back Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Ooh, nice tiger! I told Marge they were safe as pets."
Drederick Tatum Icon "Homer Simpson! It's been too long since I gave you severe brain damage."
Homer Icon "Oh don't worry. My tough is brain."
Drederick Tatum Icon "Let me buy you a big unhealthy dinner. After the beating I gave you, I think it's only fair I help you die faster so you no longer feel pain."

The Champ's Come-Back Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Drederick Tatum Icon "I feel full, Homer. My body is not used to eating something that isn't raw eggs. I gotta go for a run to stay in shape."
Homer Icon "And I need to take a nap so I can stay in shape. That shape is spherical."
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