Regular and Premium Quests[edit source]

The key isn't being adhered to, but I don't know which quests are premium and which one's aren't for a lot of events so I can't make the changes myself. Fan4Life (talk) 12:32, March 25, 2016 (UTC)

As far as I saw, almost all were correct. The only exception I found, was the Premium section, were the display of the key was inappropriate there, an thus I removed it. Locoquito (talk) 21:55, March 25, 2016 (UTC)
I stand corrected, the Expansion section is completely wrong. Locoquito (talk) 21:59, March 25, 2016 (UTC)
That's what happens when you don't read properly. It appears that before the Tap Ball 2015 Event, bold was used to refer the main quests of the event, therefore causing a chaos with the current method. Locoquito (talk) 22:37, March 25, 2016 (UTC)
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