Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This template should be used in navbox templates, which should be included at the bottom of each page that is linked in the template.


Parameter(s) Usage Default value(s)
name Should be identical to the template's name without namespace. {{{name}}}
title Sets the title used at the top of the navbox. {{{title}}}
state Allows you to change the collapsing state of the table. More info. Collapsed is removed while on pages in the Template namespace, to make editing easier.

Note: This is currently not working correctly.

selected Uncollapses the group with a matching abbrn None
Allows custom styling for the title area None
Allows custom styling for the body area None
Allows custom styling for the group area None
Allows custom styling for the list area None
groupn Adds the heading for the group number specified group1 = {{{group1}}}
group2+ = None
abbrn Used with selected to un-collapse a particular group None
listn Adds text for the list number specified list1 = {{{list1}}}
list2+ = None

Note: n is limited to 20 until (maybe) the template moves to Lua.

Sample output

{{Navbox with collapsible groups
| name      = Navbox with collapsible groups
| title     = Navbox with collapsible groups
| selected  = g2
| bodyclass = hlist

| group1 = Group 1
| abbr1  = g1
| list1  = List 1

| group2 = Group 2
| abbr2  = g2
| list2  = {{Navbox|child
  | group1 = Group 2.1
  | list1  = List 2.1

  | group2 = Group 2.2
  | list2  = List 2.2

  | group3 = Group 2.3
  | list3  = List 2.3

| group3 = Group 3
| abbr3  = g3
| list3  =
* List 3
* List
* List

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