The Teleporters Alpha and Omega were two limited time premium decorations released during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event and sold together. They were two separate Teleporters, Alpha and Omega, that can be placed anywhere and are 2x2 in size each. Tapping on one Teleporters opens a pop-up with a disclaimer from Professor Frink, you can then teleport to the other Teleporter, instantly. If placed far apart this allows rapid jumping between two points in the Player's Springfield.

They returned during the Cyber Monday 2015 Promotion where the players got a refund (rebate) of 20 donuts.

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In a parody of The Fly, Homer buys a matter teleporter from Professor Frink's yard sale. Bart asks if he can use it, but Homer refuses. That night, Bart tries to sneak Snowball II into the teleporter and at the same time, Santa's Little Helper jumps in. The pets come out of the machine as a creature with a dog's head at one end of its body and a cat's head at the other. A second creature with a tail at each end of its body emerges shortly afterwards. A fly lands on Bart's arm and thinking that he will become a mutant superhero, Bart grabs the fly and steps into the teleporter. He comes out with his normal head, but with the fly's body whilst the fly has his body.

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Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Oh my God! Teleporters! I can't believe we have them here in Springfield."
Professor Frink Icon "Ah yes, the mind reels at the possibilities this kind of technology makes achievable."
Homer Icon "I'm gonna use it to teleport the milk back to the fridge so my cereal doesn't get soggy."
Professor Frink Icon "Or it can be just another gew-gaw that makes sedentary bozos even more lazy. With the obesity and the fatty heart and the oy-van, sweating."

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