The Tasteful Festive Flanders House is an alternative façade for the Flanders House. It could be obtained during a quick quest released with the Springfield Heights Chapter 2, being a teaser about the Winter 2015 Event that would come the week after.

About Edit

The façade originally has 2 candy canes on the front lawn, and lights lining the building, and several up the roof and across the sides. By the end of the quest line, the house has a huge star above the roof, strings of blue lights going up to it, presents on the garage roof and sides of the front lawn, a garland with huge bow above the front door, and many more lights.

Trivia Edit

  • During the Winter 2015 Event, it was shown that this façade was incomplete and that it has various stages until the true one, being upgraded as the same time as Tacky Festive Simpson House.
    • The different stages are shown during an argument between the families over which house is better.

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