Event Takedown Reminder is a limited time side questline dialogue only released on November 18, 2015, during the Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event's Act 3. To start the quest, the player had to complete The Blameless City Pt. 4 and log in on November 18th.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Event Takedown Reminder Dialogue only - Cash100
Candy Apples Currency Icon100

Dialogue Edit

Event Takedown Reminder Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Sleepy Icon "Ugh, my head…"
Lisa Surprised Icon "Dad! You're okay!"
Bart Happy Icon "Yeah, thanks to us. We saved you from that tentacle-faced loser-god."
Homer Confused Icon "You did what from the what now?"
Lisa Embarrassed Icon "We accidentally summoned an entity that took control of you and all the grown-ups."
Bart Icon "That's why you guys were all acting so weird last night."
Lisa Happy Icon "But we beat it and now everything is back to normal."
Homer Icon "Kids, we weren't being controlled. That's how we act every year."
Homer Dreamy Icon "Grown-ups have appropriated Halloween as our “free pass” night."
Bart Confused Icon "So you weren't under the influence of an ancient evil?"
Homer Icon "No! We only get one fun day in a whole boring year so we always go a little too crazy."
Homer Sleepy Icon "Now, Daddy needs a little nap."
Lisa Curious Icon "Maybe you should take off your make-up first."
Homer Passedout Icon "Good tip. Wake me in time for the next event."
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