This page is about the quest chain. For the building, see Swanky Fish.
This Sunday's episode of The Simpsons on FOX features a swanky new sushi restaurant.
— In Game Message

The Swanky Fish quests were part of the What Animated Women Want Promotional. It allowed players to buy the Swanky Fish for 90 Donuts


Quest Requirements Reward
Stanky Fish Pt. 1 Make Lisa Shop at the Kwik-E-Mart
Stanky Fish Pt. 2 Place Springfield Falls
Swanky Fish Pt. 1 Make Homer Dine at the Swanky Fish

Make Lisa Dine at the Swanky Fish

Swanky Fish Pt. 2 Make Skinner Dine at the Swanky Fish
Swanky Fish Pt. 3 Make Comic Book Guy Dine at the Swanky Fish

Cash100 XP10

Swanky Fish Pt. 4 Make Kent Brockman Dine at the Swanky Fish


Stanky Fish Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Ooh, sushi! I'm always up for eating new and exotic types of freshly-killed animals."
Lisa Icon "I bet they have vegetarian dishes too, like seaweed salad and steamed tofu..."
Homer Icon "Stop it, Lisa -- you're making me lose my appetite for sushi!"
"Why don't you go to the Kwik-E-Mart and get me some raw fish to eat until it comes back?"
Milhouse Icon "Wait, don't episode tie-in updates usually come out on a Thursday?"
Message "They do, but we've got something even BIGGER coming this Thursday. (Shh, don't tell anyone.)"
Milhouse Icon "Hey Bart! Guess what?"


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "If the fish at that restaurant is anywhere as good as this jumbo frozen fish head that expired two years ago, I'm going to be very happy!"
"...after I'm done being very sick."

Stanky Fish Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "I heard that new sushi restaurant serves fish with two eyes... which is weird because the only fish I ever see around here have three."
Lisa Icon "That's because the water in Springfield is stagnant and polluted."
"What we need is a waterfall! It would aerate the water, creating the environment the fish need to get healthier!"
Homer Icon "Pass."
Lisa Icon "And tastier."
Homer Icon "I mean, let's do it!"


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "That's the lamest waterfall I've ever seen."

Swanky Fish Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Wow, the ornate interior and new age looking exterior of Swanky Fish is impressive!"
Homer Icon "But I thought this was a seafood place. What's with all this rice, avocado, and... yuck! Is this seaweed?!"
Lisa Icon "It's called Nori wrap. Sushi really is an art form."
Homer Icon "But I don't want my food to be an art form. I want it to be food."
Lisa Icon "Can't we at least try it once?"
Homer Icon "Okay, but I get to choose the restaurant the next ten times."

Swanky Fish Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "I haven't had sushi since my days in Nam... when I fled to Japan to avoid the fighting."


Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "Ahh, I love the smell of wasabi in the morning!"

Swanky Fish Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon "A new sushi restaurant? Well, I don't have a Japanese girlfriend yet -- SPOILER ALERT! -- but I may as well prime my palate."


Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon "How come all of my jobs involve eating?"

Swanky Fish Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon "I'm here at Springfield's latest answer to pretentious finger food: Swanky Fish."
"Check it out today!"
"...and cut! Okay, there's your plug. Now comp my meal."


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