Stupor Bowl Weekend is the first quest during the Super Bowl Event.


Quest Requirements Time
Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 1 Make Homer Go on a Beer Run
Make Lisa Investigate Super Bowl Financials
Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 2 Make Lisa Crunch the Numbers
Make Homer Crunch Duff Warm Ranch Chips
Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 3 Make Homer Drink Duff Beer
Make Lisa Request Subpoenas of NFL Tax Documents


Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Lisa, come in here and pray with Daddy."
Lisa Icon "Pray? Oh no! Dad, are you dying?"
Homer Icon "With my lifestyle? Probably. But that's not why I'm praying. I'm praying because it's almost Sunday... Super Bowl Sunday!"
"I just want the game to goo off without any lockouts, blackouts or Sum of All Fears-esque nuclear attacks."
Lisa Icon "But all of those problems are completely avoidable or fictional. They're just created by playes, owners, and TV stations to make more money."
"In fact, when you think about it, the whole Super Bowl seems about making money."
Homer Icon "Shut your blasphemous mouth! God loves football. How dare you question God! Now get me another beer."
Lisa Icon "You're out of beer."
Homer Icon "WHY, GOD? WHY?"


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Okay Lisa, put down those financial magazines and help me carry this stuff to the car. I got two cases of Duff and three cases of Duff Lite!"
Lisa Icon "That's a lot of beer. Are you having a Super Bowl party?"
Homer Icon "Ooh, that's a good idea! Apu, get me another four cases of each."
"Also, that barrel of Duff-flavored cheese blurgs and this industrial-sized tub of Duff-brand chicken swangs."
Lisa Icon "Cheese blurgs and chicken swangs? Is that even food?
Apu Icon "Of course. They're made from all-natural cardboard and organic liposuction waste."
Homer Icon "Mmmmm... rich lady fat."

Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "This just dosen't add up - Super Bowl tickets are expensive, but don't cover team salaries."
"The ads cost a fortune, but are minuscule compared to the licensing deal. And surplus revenue falls way short of operating costs."
Homer Icon "What are you talking about?"
Lisa Icon "This Super Bowl is generating billions of dollars, yet somehow no one's making money from it."
Homer Icon "What about FOX? FOX whouldn't run something year after year if it wasn't making them money."
Lisa Icon "So you'd think, but I'm just not seeing it. Maybe I missed something is these balance sheets."
Homer Icon "Awww, kids and their balance sheets."
"Now, as the consummate host, I must taste the snacks to ensure the highest quality of food for my guests."

Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Lisa, help! The seagulls are back– they think I’m a beached whale. And they’re not the only ones…"
Sea Captain Icon "Yarr, not a drip of ambergris on him."
Lisa Icon "Dad, did you eat all the party snacks and pass out on the floor?"
Homer Icon "Judging me isn’t going to get rid of these gulls."
Lisa Icon "Please Dad, I’m still busy tracking the Super Bowl profit stream from media ad sales through to player’s salaries."
Homer Icon "Can you re-describe that as a famous movie quote?"
Lisa Icon "I’m following the money."
Homer Icon "Hmm, I haven’t seen “All The President’s Men”. I’ll have to take your word for it."
Lisa Icon "Why don’t you get up and take a shower? It smells like the sea in here, and it’s not coming from the gulls."
Homer Icon "Probably because of all the salt I ate. Don’t worry — I know how to fix that."
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