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Stonecutters Event
Stonecutters Event

June 3, 2014 - July 2, 2014

The Stonecutters Event was the ninth major event to be released for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The event was made available to all players on June 3, 2014 and ended on July 2, 2014. The event introduced a new Currency, Emblems, which could be obtained from the All Seeing Eye, from the Chest of Sacred Artifacts, from "spying" on neighbors towns, from completing Number 1's Tasks and from tapping on The Order. Since it was a major event, a themed splash-screen and icon for the app were used.

Stonecutters Guide.png

The Stonecutters Event also reintroduced the prize system, which included 10 brand new prizes to be won by collection the Emblems. The bulk of the new items in the event were costumes for various different characters.The update also introduced two new features in the build menu. First, was the button that "hides" Road, pavement, and rivers, similar to how the buildings could be "hidden". It also introduced a new button that stored every single thing in a player's Springfield into their inventory but got rid of it a couple days after the update arrived.  The nuke button returned towards the end of the event.  The inventory was also updated so players could now find the buildings before the decorations, and also in alphabetical order. It also keeps on scrolling and doesn't stop until you stop.

Another feature that was added was the Town Census, that is accessed from Town Hall, which is a complete list of all the characters in your Springfield and what they are doing at the time, ex: being idle, doing a 4h job, etc. This allows for easy location of any character, instead of having to cycle through the character locate button until the character is found. Also, the Conform-O-Meter now shows the total bonus to Money and XP, adding the boost from premium decorations to the Conform-O-Meter bonus and displays the total to a hundredth of a percent (i.e. if you had Five Stars on your Conform-O-Meter and 52.50% from premium decorations, your total bonus would display as 57.50%).

Personal Prizes

Prize Amount to Earn
Sacred Parchment Stonecutter Emblem.png1450
Number 36 Stonecutter Emblem.png4000
Chest of Sacred Artifacts Stonecutter Emblem.png6500
Number 85
Number 600
Stonecutter Emblem.png10000
Number 29
Money Pool
Stonecutter Emblem.png14000
Number 50
Number 79
Stonecutter Emblem.png18000
Stone of Triumph Stonecutter Emblem.png22500
Number 5
Number 12
Number 14
Stonecutter Emblem.png28000
Stonecutter Table Stonecutter Emblem.png31500
Satan's Anvil Stonecutter Emblem.png35000

Note: After getting all the Personal Prizes a "Bonus Prize" task unlocks where you can earn Donuts every 3,000 Emblems. If you do not get 3 Donuts on your first pick you can try again (much like the regular bonus levels after hitting the current level cap, but the extra tries cost 150,000 Cash).

Number 1's Tasks

Main Article: Number 1's Tasks

One of the ways players could collect emblems was to complete Number 1's Tasks, which were various 1-2 hour jobs that various characters were sent on. A total of four jobs were available and every time a job was complete, a certain amount of emblems were collected, and the amount of emblems collected increased after each job. There were 4 ranks of jobs that reset every 24 hours.

Sacred Parchment

Main Article: Sacred Parchment

The Sacred Parchment is the first of the personal prizes. When placed it gave the player the ability to solve riddles. Solving riddles earned the player emblems and after a certain number of riddles solved players could unlock new Stonecutter outfits and the grand prize, the Ark of the Stonecovenant. The prizes for the Sacred Parchment are listed below.


Prize Amount of Riddles to Solve
Number 21 1
Number 111 5
Number 22 10
Number 66
Number 67
Number 59 20
Ark of the Stonecovenant 24

New Content

Below is a list of all the new content included in the initial Stonecutter 2014 Event on June 2, 2014. Please note that after the event, some or all of the items listed may no longer be available:


Name Cost Characters Unlocked
Stonecutter Lodge Cash2000 Number 1
Stonecutter Daycare Center Cash250000 None
Abandoned Store Donuts30 None


While many of the following are costumes, for the purposes of this event they are counted as characters and are in a character collection. The majority of the Stonecutter's do not have any outdoor tasks. The only ones that do have visible animations are; Number 51, Number 36, Number 50, Number 908, and Number 5.

Name Character Cost/How to unlock Collection
Number 1 Stonecutter Lodge Stonecutters
Number 2 Dr. Hibbert Donuts60 More Stonecutters
Number 5 Jasper Stonecutter Emblem.png28000 More Stonecutters
Number 12 Lenny Stonecutter Emblem.png28000 Stonecutters
Number 14 Carl Stonecutter Emblem.png28000 Stonecutters
Number 21 Moe Solve the First Parchment of the Sacred Parchment. More Stonecutters
Number 22 Quimby Solve the Tenth Parchment of the Sacred Parchment. Even More Stonecutters
Number 29 Mr. Burns Stonecutter Emblem.png14000 Stonecutters
Number 36 Krusty Stonecutter Emblem.png4000 More Stonecutters
Number 50 Wiggum Stonecutter Emblem.png18000 Even More Stonecutters
Number 51 Donuts100 Stonecutters
Number 59 Smithers Solve the Twentieth Parchment of the Sacred Parchment. More Stonecutters
Number 66 Brockman Solve the Fifteenth Parchment of the Sacred Parchment. Even More Stonecutters
Number 67 Arnie Pye Solve the Fifteenth Parchment of the Sacred Parchment. Stonecutters
Number 79 Disco Stu Stonecutter Emblem.png18000 Even More Stonecutters
Number 85 Willie Stonecutter Emblem.png10000 More Stonecutters
Number 111 Grampa Solve the Fifth Parchment of the Sacred Parchment. Even More Stonecutters
Number 314 Frink Donuts12 Even More Stonecutters
Number 600 Skinner Stonecutter Emblem.png10000 More Stonecutters
Number 908 Homer FREE Stonecutters


Name Cost
All Seeing Eye Donuts100
Chest of Sacred Artifacts Stonecutter Emblem.png6500
Hieroglyph Wall Cash500
Tube Slide Cash2500
Stonecutter Table Stonecutter Emblem.png31500
Stone of Triumph Stonecutter Emblem.png22500
Money Pool Stonecutter Emblem.png14000
Satan's Anvil Stonecutter Emblem.png35000
Ark of the Stonecovenant Solve the Twenty-Fourth Parchment of the Sacred Parchment.
Sacred Parchment Stonecutter Emblem.png1450


  • In the show, the Stonecutter organization was disbanded after Homer became ruler.
  • This is the first instance where costumes were put into a character collection
  • This is also the first instance where a character collection had more than 5 characters, it was previously thought that 5 was the maximum allowed in a collection.
  • During the event, each Stonecutter character made more money then normal characters for completing tasks. This was referencing what the official event instructions meant when they said, "Exclusive perks for belonging to a secret society."
  • At the start of the event, 12 free donuts were given out along with 20 for completing The Secret of the Cut Stone questline, for a grand total of 32 free donuts.



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