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The St. Patrick's Day 2014 Event was an update that was released on March 12. 2014. It was a relativeIy small event, featuring mostly premium content. The green rivers from the previous St.Patrick's Day event returned as did all of the old content.

The main quest for this event was split into two parts. The first, Training Day involved Homer and his half of the quest to be better prepare for his St. Patrick's Day drinking while the second part of the quest had Lisa and Tom O'Flanagan trying to figure out how to dye the beer green.

Wheel of Friendship prizes from the Valentine's Day 2014 Event can now be placed in Krustyland.

New content[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all the new content included in the original St. Patrick's Day Event on March 12, 2014. Please note that after the event, some of the items listed are no longer available:


Name Characters Unlocked Cost
Sham Rock Café Yupprechaun Donuts120


Name Cost/How To Unlock Character Collection
Yupprechaun Build Sham Rock Café Irishmen


Name Cost
Leprechaun Statue Cash25000

Returning content[edit | edit source]

See also: St. Patrick's Day 2013 Event

Below is a list of content which was previously released with the 2013 St. Patrick's Day Event, and re-released for this event.


Name Character Unlocked Original cost Current cost
O'Flanagan's Pub Tom O'Flanagan Cash1900 Cash1900


Name Character Unlocked Original cost Current cost
Shamrock Topiary None FREE Cash10000
Wishing Well Leprechaun Donuts150 Donuts150

Happy St. Patrick's Day[edit | edit source]

Players who logged into the game on St. Patrick's Day (March 17, 2014) received 5 friend points and the following message:

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's five donuts to Irish up your inventory.
— In Game Message

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