The Squidport Entrance was released with the Squidport Expansion. It is required to purchase to complete Squidport Pt. 2. It costs 4500 Cash to buy, and it can only be placed alongside a beach section of land. It comes with 4 free Boardwalk tiles upon placement and then enables the player to purchase and acquire additional Boardwalk Sections with an increase in price and time with each new tile. Most players say it is the 'main' part of Squidport. Many players got disappointed, because of the increasing time, and increasing money it takes, to build the boardwalk sections.

After reaching the maximum amount of Boardwalk Sections (201 tiles) the Squidport Entrance will be unable to make any more of them.

The Ornate Pier, introduced as a part of the second chapter of the Springfield Heights Expansion, corresponds to the Squidport Entrance.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Captain Bob

  • Repair The Bilge Pump - 60m
  • Sing the Score to HMS Pinafore - 12h
  • Rehearse Great Nautical Scores - 24h


  • Board Enemy Vessel - 24h

Sexy Pirate

  • Set Out to Sea - 24h

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Pirate Kang

  • Pirate a Ship - 4h

Sea Captain

  • Cull The Sea For The Last Of It's Shrimp - 8h

Quest Based Jobs

Homer Simpson

  • Swear at the Ocean - 12h

Trivia Edit

  • The item is not storable. When trying to store it the message "Sorry, hoarder. Can't store this." will pop up.
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