Square Inches were a limited-time currency for the Superheroes 2016 Event. They were used to upgrade the Burns' Summer Mansion. They could be obtained by sending specific characters to work at the aforementioned building.

Additionally, they could be purchased for 2 Donuts each, but only if the player tried to upgrade the Burns' Summer Mansion without enough Square Inches to be able to perform the upgrade.

Characters with Square Inches jobs Edit

The following table shows the characters with Square Inches earning jobs. All jobs lasted 4 hours. The prize track currency varied depending on the Issue: Brass Knuckles during Issue 1, Soilant Red during Issue 2 and Crab Juice Cans during Issue 3. Premium characters earned at double rate compared to their freemium counterparts.

Character Task Reward
Issues 1 - 3
Pie Man Eat 50 Year Old Snacks Square Inch2
Brass Knuckle/Soilant Red/Crab Juice6
Fallout Boy Scrub the Floors With a Toothbrush
Clownface Blow Dust Off Surfaces
The Collector Duct Tape the Windows
Cyborg Snake Eliminate Vermin
Old King Coal Boss People Around
Citizen Solar Install Solar Panels Square Inch4
Brass Knuckle/Soilant Red/Crab Juice12
Wind Lad Blow Off Spider Webs
Issues 2 - 3
Clobber Girl Rearrange Furniture Square Inch2
Soilant Red/Crab Juice6
Stretch Dude Unclog Drains
The Fracker Refill Oil Tank Square Inch4
Soilant Red/Crab Juice12
Issue 3
Bouncing Battle Baby Test Flooring Resistance Square Inch2
Crab Juice6
Charcoal Briquette Burn Incense
The Scout Master Apply Feng Shui Square Inch4
Crab Juice12
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