Springfield Squidport is an area that is built on the Ocean, with its entrance on the Beach. It became available to build upon the release of the Squidport Expansion in June 2013.

The player's Squidport can be expanded with Boardwalk Sections.

  • The maximum amount of boardwalk sections created through the Squidport Entrance is currently 201.
    • Said limit can be surpassed with the "Retrieval of Waterfront Tile" ability of the Yellow Submersible.
  • Only a total of 31 boardwalk sections are required to complete the Squidport Quests

Squidport Buildings Edit

Like buildings in Krustyland, you can place Squidport buildings only on a boardwalk section and not on a Grass square. Buildings include:

The Houseboat, while belongs to the expansion doesn't need to touch or even be near the pleayer's Squidport. It does need to be placed in the Ocean. Other limited time boats are the USS Tom Clancy, Fireworks Barge, Simpson Houseboat.

Other buildings Edit

There are several other building that can be placed on the boardwalk, which aren't necessarily Squidport buildings. These include:

Dialog Edit

When attempting to place Squidport buildings not on the boardwalk/pier:

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon You have to put Squidport buildings on the boardwalk, or the pirate guy will get mad!
Sea Captain Icon Pirate?! Aarg, I should keehaul the lot of ye!

Gallery Edit

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