Springfield Post Office or simply The Post Office is a Level 23 building in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The building does not require the player to complete any quest, all they need to do is reach Level 23. It became available to purchase on November 5, 2012 along with the Level 23 update. The building following the Post Office is the second Level 23 building; Channel 6. When the Level 25 update was released 2 months later, the player has to build the Post Office in order to progress with the main story, as Smithers has to check the mail which requires the Post Office. You receive 7000XP for building it.


It is the main post office in Springfield. A lot of mail is undelivered at this post office and the workers go through people's letters looking for money. The post office is one of the places that Springfield Elementary School goes on field trips.

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Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Conductor Homer

  • Extend Life Insurance Policy - 4h


  • Check the Mail - 4h


  • There were no animations or tasks for the Post Office until January 2013 when Smithers became available. The animation is an envelope flying out of an upstairs window and flying back indoors through the main doors.
  • The price of the Post Office was originally $96,500, but was then raised to $110,500 along with the Christmas Update.
  • This is the first non-premium building in the game that is available automatically when you reach a certain level, without requiring any quest to unlock. However, it is required to complete the questline Executive Lackey.
  • As seen on the picture below, on certain screen resolutions there is currently a bug that makes an additional door appear next to the Post Office.


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