Springfield Penitentiary is the biggest prison in Springfield and unlocks with a quest at Level 19. Upon completion of Springfield Pentitentiary, the player unlocks Snake.


The Springfield Penitentiary is the main prison in SpringfieldHomer was held at Penitentiary after he was framed for committing financial fraud at Ziffcorp. However, Homer was released a day afterwards and replaced with Artie Ziff when he decided to do the right thing and turn himself in. Mr. Burns was also placed in the Penitentiary after it was discovered that he stole the Concert painting, but Homer, Lenny, and Carl busted him out in order to replace Smithers. The Springfield Penitentiary was also forced to release all minor offenders due to cutbacks as a result of a major financial crisis.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs


  • Serve Time for Unlicensed Peanut Vending - 24h


  • Party Down at Springfield Pentitentiary - 8h

Fat Tony

  • Run Organized Crime from Prison - 24h

Gina Vendetti

  • Smuggle in Smokes - 8h
  • Do a Stint in Juvie - 24h

Hans Moleman

  • Deliver Books to Inmates-4h


  • Serve Time - 24h (single use)


  • Take a Break in the Slammer - 4h


  • Take a Break in the Slammer - 4h


  • Teach Art Classes - 6h


  • Bide His Time in Jail - 8h


  • Convert Inmates - 24h

Rev. Lovejoy

  • Comfort Inmates - 8h

Sideshow Mel

  • Entertain Inmates - 12h


  • Serve Time - 24h

Promo's Quest Based Jobs

Character Groups

  • "Like" Sideshow Bob's Fiend Book Post - 60m

Quest Based Jobs

Greta Wolfcastle

  • Witness Hell on Earth - 12h

Lance Murdock

  • Tour Springfield Penitentiary - 60m


  • Serve Time - 24h

Richard Nixon

  • Play Piano for the Inmates - 8h

Character Groups
Most Springfieldians

  • Serve Time - 24h


  • When someone does a task here, the security lights are working.

Gallery Edit

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