The Springfield Library Quests is a questline featuring the Springfield Library and Martin Prince.


Quest Task Time Reward
Skipping Rocks Make Bart Skip School Cash100
A Real Maverick Make Milhouse Fly his Scale Model Perfectly Level Cash100
Sanctus Arx Nerdarium Build Springfield Library Cash100
Unlock: Martin
My Glorious Return! Place Snapdragons
Make Martin Smell the Roses
00:10 Cash100
Allies At Last! Pt. 1 Make Martin Ride a Bike Cash100
Allies At Last! Pt. 2 Make Martin Study All Night for Meaningless Test
Make Bart Study All Night for Meaningless Test
Fun At Your Expense Make Bart Paintball in the Brown House
Make Martin Paintball in the Brown House


Skipping RocksEdit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "Lis, I'm skipping school. Cover for me!"
Lisa Icon "Cover for you? How exactly would THAT work. Should I wear a red shirt and spike my hair up?"
Bart Icon "I dunno. Geez, I thought maybe New Springfield's Lisa would be cooler."

A Real MaverickEdit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "Milhouse, this is boring."
"Make it crash or something."
Milhouse Icon "Perfectly level flying is the supreme challenge of the scale model pilot."

Sanctus Arx NerdariumEdit

Character Dialogue
Skinner Icon "Bart, your grades are worse than ever. Have you been skipping school? And if so, who's covering for you?"
Lisa Icon "There's no "covering!" It can't be done! The role call system is foolproof!"
Skinner Icon "Lisa, stay out of this!"
"Bart, rest assured. If your grades don't improve, I'll be forced to make you repeat fourth grade."
Bart Icon "Lisa, help me figure a way out of this mess. Don't relegate me to a life of reading and hard work."
Lisa Icon "Bart, you dug yourself into this position. If you really want to get back on track, your journey will begin at the library."

My Glorious Return!Edit

Character Dialogue
Martin Icon "Ah! The Library! My sanctuary from the hurly burly of modern life."
Bart Icon "Martin, I'm so glad you're back!"
Martin Icon "I honestly can't imagine a reason why that would be true."
Bart Icon "Look, I've got to write four pages on barn owls by tomorrow. And they need to be good -- nerd good."
Martin Icon "If you would like to engage my services as your ghost writer, you know the price."

Allies At Last! Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Martin Icon "Ah, the first snapdragon of the season!"
Kearney Icon "You can't ask for a pounding more plainly than that!"
Martin Icon "It seems I will never be free from the slings and arrows of the bully set. Bart, how do you avoid their torments?"
Bart Icon "I'll make you a deal! Help me raise my grades, and I'll teach you to not be bully bait."
Martin Icon "I humbly and graciously accept!"
Bart Icon "Great! First things first: Lose the Segway and get a bike!"

Allies At Last! Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "Now it's your turn, Martin."
"Help me pass tomorrow's science test, despite the fact that I hate science, I hate tests and I am probably going to skip school tomorrow."
Martin Icon "No problem, chum! To the library!"

Fun At Your ExpenseEdit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "Now for the fun stuff! Meet me at the Brown House."
Martin Icon "What sort of productive use of time could come from this location?"
Bart Icon "You'll see!"

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