The Springfield Heights Expansion (chapter two) content update was released on December 2, 2015. It's the second chapter of the Springfield Heights Expansion.

It added numerous new items to the original expansion in July, 2015, and introduced the ability to move the Springfield Heights Tunnel, the ability to change the skins of fully upgraded Springfield Heights buildings to any of their previous appearances, as well as a new currency called Ads.

New Content

Returning Content

Some items returned for a brief period of time with the initial launch of this update.


Name Cost/How to Unlock
Column Mansion Donuts120
Incubator Think Tank Donuts100
Plastic Surgery Center Donuts80
Polo Field House Donuts200


December 2

Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Icon.png "This tunnel to Springfield Heights is ruining the curb appeal."
Cookie Kwan Icon.png "It's too bad there's no possible way to move the tunnel."
The Springfield Heights tunnel can be moved anywhere along the mountain range.
— In-game message

Character Dialogue
Cookie Kwan Happy Icon.png "I've got some prime real estate - available for one day only!"
Homer Woohoo Icon.png "Woo hoo! Stuff on sale!"
Cookie Kwan Icon.png It's not on sale. The rich don't need discounts."
Carl Icon.png "What about government subsidies?"
Lenny Icon.png "Yeah, and there's the whole “too big to fail” situation, too!"
Cookie Kwan Annoyed Icon.png "Sure the rich want free stuff. But when they spend it, they like to pay full price."
Enjoy these 50 free lattes which you can use to purchase things for full price.
— In-Game Message

Character Dialogue
Lindsey Naegle Sidebar.png "Is that 50 cups of coffee in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?"
The next chapter of Springfield Heights is now availbale!
— In-game message

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