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Springfield Grocery Store is a building in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was released in January 2014 along with Level 38. Upon completion, the player unlocks no new character. The grocery store makes multiple appearances on The Simpsons, but is not a main location. It is one of the shops the Simpson family are seen shopping at throughout the series, along with the Kwik-E-Mart, Try-N-Save and the shops in Springfield Mall.

The Springfield Grocery Store originally cost $174000 to build. As of the Level 43 update, the price was reduced to $87000


Bart, Lisa and Maggie were once there, and Bart wanted some candy bars, despite the three not having any money. Lisa told him that he better not be thinking of stealing them, but what Lisa said just put an idea in Bart's head. He stuffed his pockets full with candy bars, but he was caught and sent to an office. The security guard told Bart to think about what he's done, but instead Bart ate the candy bars. When the security guard entered again, Bart had eaten the candy bars, and told the security guard that he can't hold him unless he has evidence. In the mirror, he sees that he has chocolate all around his mouth, and asks the guard if it's too late to make a full confession.

Jobs Involved[]

Michael D’Amico

  • Shop For Ingredients - 60m