Springfield General Hospital is the second building from the Level 24 quests. The player will unlock the Hospital upon completion of the quest General Hospital.

About Edit

The hospital is a standard well funded city hospital, though its doctors are sometimes less than average. The hospital contains a Three Stooges ward for children who suffered injuries after imitating scenes on TV, and a Homer Simpson ward after Homer Simpson donated a large amount of money to the hospital when it was actually Mr. Burns' donation.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Dr. Hibbert

  • Do Surgery Outdoors - 60m
  • Perform Surgery - 24h

Dr. Nick

  • Perform Surgery - 24h

Lance Murdock

  • Routine Massive Surgery - 60m

Number 2

  • Re-jig Waiting Lists - 4h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Recuperate in the Hospital - 48h

Chester Dupree

  • Avoid Responsibility - 8h

Count Burns

  • Make a Large Donation - 4h

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