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Springfield Elementary School or simply Springfield Elementary is one of two elementary schools in Springfield, the other being Waverly Hills Elementary. It is a Level 9 building and will cost the player 10500 cash to build. Upon completion, Skinner is unlocked.

About Edit

Springfield Elementary is around two stories high, and contains a gym and a cafeteria.

The basement includes a steam tunnel. In the earlier episodes (such as seasons 1-5) there is somewhat of a steeple on top of the school roof. The floor plan is identical to that of West Springfield Elementary School.

There is a field trip memorial that shows the names of the students who never came back from a field trip. Groundskeeper Willie constantly has to edit the wall, and is perturbed when he must engrave the name of a student with a long name.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Abraham Lincoln

  • Coach Springfield Elementary Debate Team - 12h


  • Go to School - 6h

Clockwork Bart

  • Go to School - 6h

Coach Krupt

  • Launch a BOMBARDMENT! - 8h
  • Play a Dance Tune - 12h

Daredevil Bart

  • Perform Stunts for Students - 24h

Dewey Largo

  • Conduct School Orchestra - 2h
  • Dream of Proper Funding - 12h


  • Go to School - 6h
  • Torment Classmates - 8h

Father Sean

  • Make Catholicism Cool - 4h

Goblin Bart

  • Pillage Teacher's Fridge - 8h

Hugs Bunny

  • Rehearse Children’s Stories - 8h
  • Give a Presentation to Children - 12h


  • Go to School - 6h
  • Complain about Cafeteria Food - 8h


  • Give a Pink Belly - 60m
  • Go to School - 6h


  • Go to School - 6h

Lunchlady Dora

  • Work a Nursing Shift - 60m
  • Serve Lunch - 4h


  • Rehearse Play - 60m
  • Go to School - 6h
  • Serve as Hall Monitor - 12h


  • Teach Children There's No Heaven - 4h

Michael D’Amico

  • Go to School - 6h


  • Go to School - 6h

Miss Hoover

  • Take a Nap in Class - 2h
  • Procrastinate Over a Lesson Plan - 4h
  • Gossip About Other Teachers - 12h

Mrs. Krabappel

  • Relax in Teachers Lounge - 60m
  • Teach Classes - 8h
  • Host Detention - 12h

Mrs. Quimby

  • Educate Children on Physical Fitness - 4h


  • Shake Kids Down for Lunch Money - 4h
  • Serve Detention - 6h
  • Go to School - 6h
  • Do Janitorial Work - 12h

Number 600

  • Tamper with School Records - 4h


  • Hit on Edna - 60m

Radioactive Milhouse

  • Stand Up to Bullies - 3h
  • Go to School - 6h
  • Be a Hero - 24h


  • Go to School - 6h

Santa Flanders

  • Educate Kids On the Meaning of Christmas - 8h

Saxophone Lisa

  • Play a Saxophone Solo at Springfield Elementary - 4h
  • Go to School - 6h

Sebastian Cobb

  • Teach Quantum Science 101 - 8h

Sherri & Terri

  • Go to School - 6h


  • Crossing Guard - 4h
  • Monitor Halls - 12h

Sophie Krustofski

  • Go to School - 6h

Suzanne the Witch

  • Fatten Up Children - 4h


  • Go to School - 6h


  • Wax the Floors - 24h

Wizard Marge

  • Put on a Magic Show - 12h

Wizard Martin

  • Search for Adventuring Companions - 8h

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Beer Stein Wiggum

  • Teach Kids to "Just Pour it Out" - 6h

Clockwork Bart

  • Ultra-Prank Skinner - 60m


  • Reject Milhouse - 60m


  • Provide Bart Moral Support - 60m

Radioactive Milhouse

  • Wear His Costume to School - 60m
  • Bask in the Attention - 2h
  • Get the Girl - 2h

Character Groups

  • Gawk at Milhouse's Costume - 2h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Serve Detention - 6h


  • Practice Grammarfication - 24h


  • Go to School - 6h
  • Plant Bonsai - 12h
  • Prune Bonsai - 12h
  • Re-pot Bonsai - 12h


  • Work at the School - 24h


  • Star in a School Production of Waiting for Godot - 3h


  • Threaten the Bullies - 8h


  • Secretly Meet with Skinner - 4h
  • Tattle On Coach Krupt - 4h
  • Serve Detention - 6h
  • Protest the School Menu - 12h


  • Threaten the Bullies - 8h


  • Serve Detention - 6h


  • Serve Detention - 6h
  • Clean the School - 12h

Miss Hoover

  • Get Ready for her Date - 6h


  • Serve Detention - 6h

Santa Flanders

  • Get Slightly Too Religious As Santa - 8h


  • Listen to Complaints - 4h
  • Plan Two Hundred Bake Sales - 4h
  • Secretly Meet with Lisa - 4h
  • Host Detention - 12h
  • Search the School for Eggs - 24h

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When someone does a task here, the US Flag appears to wave.
  • After being visited by a friend, the roof of the Springfield Elementary has the text "Principal Skinner: I am a Weiner!" (all uppercase) sprayed thereon.
  • For some reason, the common job "Go to School" often gives a wrong payout.
    • Sherri & Terri get the usual premium payout when performing their job here, while all of their other tasks make them get a 200% bonus in their payout. Additionally, costumes for Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse that have premium payout only get a normal payout for performing this job.

Gallery Edit

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