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Springfield Downs

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Original Release

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Betting System

Collection Time

8 hours



Building Time

24 hours

Premium Building?


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Double Down on She's A Loser


The dogs are approaching the starting gate

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Obedience: +10

Springfield Downs is building present in the game since its original release. Instead of the regular income it has a betting system building that lets the player bet on dogs every eight hours.

About Edit

The Springfield Downs, also known as the Springfield Dog Track, is a dog and horse racing track in Springfield. The mechanized rabbit is called Shirley or Swifty (see below, Trivia). It has a V.I.P. Bar. The downs is where Santa's Little Helper used to race. Bart's pet horse Duncan raced there and became very successful. The track hosted the Celebrity Harness Racing contest.

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Dogs Edit

All of the possible bets cost the same 2000 cash. There are 5 dogs to bet on, and they change every time in the odds table:

  • Not A Chance
  • Raised By Wolves
  • Drool Britannia!
  • Obedience School Dropout
  • Dogbiscuit
Odds Reward Chance of Win Average Reward
2-1 Cash6000
51.15% Cash3070
5-1 Cash12000
25.25% Cash3030
9-1 Cash20000
15.15% Cash3030
19-1 Cash40000
7.58% Cash3029
99-1 Cash200000
1.52% Cash3040

Possible Dialogues Edit

  • - is out like a shot! Now he turns, and explains to the others that the rabbit they're chasing is not. In fact, real. > The dogs are humiliated. They're looking for someone to blame.... I believe they've chosen me.! > 'Yes! Here they come, in my final moments, I would like to award the race to -.
  • - makes a commanding lead and is out at the third turn and... WHAT IS THIS? > It appears that a little girl has fallen in love with him and her father is filling out adoption papers. And - HAS A HOME! > Oh, and - wins the race.
  • In a protest of declining dog racing's popularity, the racers solemnly link their forelegs and cross to the finish line as one. > Still, Somebody has to win so let's say.... -.
  • - Leads to the fist bend. > But - is gaining fast. > And now Fat Tony informs me that - which is currently napping on the backstrech is your winner!
  • - is out of the gate and wins the innagural springfield downs 1-meter sprint!
  • A stray laser light beam has wandered onto the track. > Hours later, - is first to realize the futility of chasing the beam and gets the victory!
  • - is first out of the gates. > Then a basis on a random number generated by the app. the <race> is awarded to -.
  • - blazes into the lead but appears to have thrown his cat jockey. > In fact, NONE of the dogs have a cat jockey on his back. > There ARE cat jockeys in this sport, Right? Anyways - wins.
  • - raises ten dollars. > - Calls his bluff, turns over three sixes and wins the hand! > These dogs can really play poker!
  • As they enter the backstrech, it's -'s race to lose. > And he does. - is your winner!

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Play Poker with Krusty - 2h

Chester Dupree

  • Prepare for a Job Interview - 24h

Doggy Smithers

  • Sniff Racing Dogs - 24h

Fat Tony

  • Fix Races - 2h

Furious D

  • Check Out the Competition - 8h


  • Visit the Track - 3h

Jockey Bart

  • Check the Race Schedule - 60m


  • Visit the Track - 3h

Lance Murdock

  • Endanger His Earnings - 24h


  • Find Intel at the Track - 16h


  • Visit the Track - 3h


  • Collect Bribes - 4h

The Rich Texan

  • Visit The Track - 3h
  • Holster A Big Gun - 4h

Tom O'Flanagan

  • Visit the Track - 24h


  • Collect Bribes - 4h

Trivia Edit

  • It can be placed on grass or pavement.
  • The betting prices, odds and the prizes were different in 2012.
  • If the player loses a bet, they still get 50 Experience.
  • At the beginning of each race one can read "And there goes swifty", which is a common catchphrase at the beginning of greyhound races. Swifty is the mechanical rabbit chased by the dogs. And it's hi that we talk about when it says a player is out like a shot.
  • When it is said " The dogs are approaching the starting gate ", they actually do not. They just take their places and warm up.
  • Even if it says during a race that the player's dog raised 10 dollars, the player will not actually win 10 dollars at the end of the race.

Gallery Edit

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