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Spring Cleaning 2016 Promotion is the one hundred and sixteenth content update released to The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was released on April 13th, 2016 and ended on April 19th. The promotion gave the player the opportunity to purchase several premium items and get back some of the Donuts spent on them.

The Promotion was scheduled in three waves:

  • Wave 1: April 13 - April 15
  • Wave 2: April 15 - April 17
  • Wave 3: April 17 - April 19

The quest line for the promotion was Springfield Cleaning.

Deals Edit

Wave 1

Item Cost Bonus
Dumpster (green) Donuts10 Donuts3
Moe's House Donuts110 Donuts40
Mr. Sparkle Billboard Donuts30 Donuts10
Simpson Laser Tag Donuts90 Donuts35

Wave 2

Item Cost Bonus
Flower Planter Donuts10 Donuts3
Moe's House Donuts110 Donuts40
Museum of Swordfish Donuts70 Donuts25
Nightmare Pile Donuts100 Donuts35
Street Cleaner Donuts90 Donuts35

Wave 3

Item Cost Bonus
Street Cleaner Donuts90 Donuts35
The Shinning Maze Donuts55 Donuts15
Tree Swing Donuts20 Donuts8
Waverly Hills Elementary Donuts115 Donuts40

New Content Edit


Name Cost Available
Moe's House Donuts110 Wave 1 - Wave 2
Springfield Greenhouse Nature Bundle Whole Promotion


Name Cost Available
Street Cleaner Donuts90 Wave 2 - Wave 3

Returning Content Edit


Name Cost Available
Museum of Swordfish Donuts70 Wave 2
Simpson Laser Tag Donuts90 Wave 1
Waverly Hills Elementary Donuts115 Wave 3


Name Cost Available
Nightmare Pile Donuts100 Wave 2
Mr. Sparkle Billboard Donuts30 Wave 1
The Shinning Maze Donuts55 Wave 3
Springfield Cleaning Indicator

Gil Deal Dialogue Edit

Wave 1 Edit

After the player logs in on April 13
Character Dialogue
Gil Happy Icon How would you like a house with no skeletons in its closets? Just in the drywall itself.
Moe Icon Wow! That house has my name on it!
Moe Icon No, I was wrong. Someone spray-painted "MOVE!" on the wall, not "MOE!"
Gil Selling Icon Yeah, it's a fixer upper... meaning you'll have to fix it to get it to stay up.

Offer Declined Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Annoyed Icon Fine! Gil doesn't need you. Gil doesn't need anyone.
Gil Sad Icon All Gil needs is Gil. And lots of other people. And you. Gil desperately needs you.
Gil Selling Icon We're good, right?

Wave 2 Edit

After the player logs in on April 15
Character Dialogue
Gil Happy Icon I'm back with more fun stuff!
Marge Annoyed Icon Spring cleaning is about getting rid of stuff! All you're doing is bringing more junk and it's driving me crazy!
Gil Icon But what about something that cleans more than it clutters?
Marge Happy Icon Like a Roomba?
Gil Selling Icon But writ large! For just a few donuts, I can offer you a professional Street Cleaner!

Offer Declined Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Sad Icon Looks like ol' Gil won't be bringing anything to the hobo potluck this year.
Gil Annoyed Icon Not that I can ever compete with Toothless Joe's gummed potatoes...

Wave 3 Edit

After the player logs in on April 17
Character Dialogue
Gil Icon Wow! Everyone's finding great stuff at my "yard" sale. If I get enough cash, I can finally get that yard I've always wanted and drop those quotation marks.
Wiggum Eyeswide Icon Great stuff, Gil! Normally I hate shopping but this couch I just bought is perfect!
Wiggum Icon It looks like the one I just threw out.
Wiggum Icon It even has a butt groove that fits my butt like a morbidly obese glove.
Wiggum Eyeswide Icon You don’t also have a police gun for sale do you? I mistakenly threw that out as well.

Offer Declined Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Sad Icon C'mon! Give ol' Gil a chance. It's my Buy Two Get Both sale!

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Gallery Edit

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