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Sprawl-Mart often sylized as Sprawl*Mart is a department store which costs 90 donuts. The player will unlock no new character upon its completion, however it earns $300 and 30XP every 12 hours. It unlocks a new premium job for Agnes Skinner and she is currently the only character to have a job involved there. Sprawl-Mart was released along with the Level 29 update, on May 10, 2013.


Sprawl-Mart is a large department store in Springfield. Both Abe and Homer have worked there as greeters. Sprawl-Mart is visited by Homer when he and the kids go shopping for a Mother's Day present for Marge. Homer took over Abe's greeting job in Sprawl-Mart once. Patty and Selma have also been seen shopping there. The store is an obvious parody of the real life store, Wal-Mart.

Jobs InvolvedEdit


  • Greet Customers - 16h

Adult Springfielders

  • Shop for loved ones - 6h
  • Stampede Stores - 12h


  • Sprawl-Mart unlocks a high paying 16 hour job for Agnes, and this is the only permanent job involved with Sprawl-Mart.
  • Sprawl-Mart is a parody of Walmart.
  • Some players will place Chalk Outline next to it, as a joke towards the "Sprawl" in the name.


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