Spooky Campfire
Spooky Campfire Menu


Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event

Level Required


How to Unlock

The Call of the Campfire Pt. 3



Building Time

6 seconds


Getting Wood

Conformity Increase

Gluttony: +10



The Spooky Campfire is a limited time decoration released on October 6, 2015, during the Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event. It is free to place and is a key part of the event. Nightmares, such as Zombies, spawn from the Spooky Campfire.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrading requires banishing 200 Nightmares of a specific type, starting with Zombies (Lvl. 2), Snakes (Lvl. 3), Bunnies (Lvl. 4,) Skeletons (Lvl. 5,) and then cycling through in the same order. Each level increases the spawn rate by 5% and additionally awards one or multiple decorations.

Level Need to Squish Spawn Interval Reward
1 N/A 15m N/A
2 Ico thoh2015 tappablezombie md200 14m 15s 5 Bramble Hedges
3 Ico thoh2015 tappablesnake md200 13m 32s Spooky Shed
4 Ico thoh2015 tappablebunny md200 12m 52s 5 Bramble Hedges
5 Ico thoh2015 tappableskeleton md200 12m 13s Spooky Tent
6 Ico thoh2015 tappablezombie md200 11m 36s 5 Bramble Hedges
7 Ico thoh2015 tappablesnake md200 11m 2s Spooky Shed
8 Ico thoh2015 tappablebunny md200 10m 29s 5 Bramble Hedges
9 Ico thoh2015 tappableskeleton md200 9m 57s Spooky Tent
n Ico thoh2015 tappablezombie mdIco thoh2015 tappablesnake mdIco thoh2015 tappablebunny md or Ico thoh2015 tappableskeleton md200 $ 15 * 0.95^{n - 1} $ as above
41 * Ico thoh2015 tappableskeleton md200 1m 56s Spooky Tent

* upgrading beyond level 41 won't reduce the spawn time any further.

Rewards Edit

Reward Level
Bramble Hedge Menu Level 2, every 2 levels from then
Spooky Shed Menu Level 3, every 4 levels from then
Spooky Tent Menu Level 5, every 4 levels from then

Jobs Involved Edit

Event Quest Based


  • Tell a Scary Story - 30s
  • Defeat M'nthster at the Campfire - 4h
  • Search for M'nthster - 6h


  • Tell a Scary Story - 30s
  • Defeat M'nthster at the Campfire - 4h
  • Search for M'nthster - 6h


  • Tell a Scary Story - 30s
  • Defeat M'nthster at the Campfire - 4h


  • Tell a Scary Story - 30s
  • Defeat M'nthster at the Campfire - 4h

Limited Time


  • Tell a Scary Skeleton Story - 4h


  • Tell a Scary Snake Story - 4h


  • Tell a Scary Zombie Story - 4h


  • Tell a Scary Rabbit Story - 4h


  • Make S'mores - 4h
  • Search for M'nthster - 6h

Trivia Edit

  • The youngster assigned to "Tell a Scary Story" is the one that decides the reward for the kids that are sent to "Make S'mores" after that youngster started telling the story.
    • This means that if the player sends Milhouse to "Tell a Scary Story", the nightmare reward for all kids after that job was assigned will be Bunnies. Jobs already in progress do not change.
  • The rewards for each level are not set at their respective levels; they can be won any time when their required nightmares have been tapped 200 times. This means that even if the player is on Level 7 and needs to tap snakes for a Spooky Shed, they could tap 200 zombies instead, obtain Bramble Hedges, and level up anyway.
  • Since Act 2, Roast S'Mores and Tell a Scary Story doesn't reward with event currencies directly and instead XP is given. However, the nightmares created still give Gummies and Candy Apples when banished.
  • M'nthster is fought here during The Blameless City quesline.
  • After the event the Spooky Campfire is no longer upgradable, but Bart, Lisa, Milhouse and Martin can still tell spooky stories there. The jobs also now reward standard Cash and XP.

Gallery Edit

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