Ico xmas spintoken 10
Spin tokens (Ico mhud spintoken se) are used to play the Holiday Wheel minigame. They were not a unique currency, but did act in the same way as other currency such as gift cards. Spin Tokens can be collected in the following ways:
  • Once per day from the Egg Nog Bar
  • Purchased from the store with donuts
  • Found in Presents (although this is very rare)
  • Once all personal prizes are obtained, one token per every 1000 Gift Cards

Purchasing spin tokens with donutsEdit

Below is a table showing how many donuts the player can pay in exchange for spin tokens. 

Spin tokens Cost Cost of one Spin Token*
Ico mhud spintoken se1 Donuts10 Donuts10
Ico mhud spintoken se3 Donuts25 Donuts~8
Ico mhud spintoken se10 Donuts50 Donuts5

*This is worked out by dividing the cost of the pack of Spin Tokens in donuts divided by the number of spin tokens you receive for what you pay. This gives the price of each spin token when purchasing the bundle.

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