Specimens were a limited-time currency released on May 30, 2017, for the Time Traveling Toaster 2017 Event. They were used at the at the Springsonian Museum to craft prizes for the event.

How to Obtain Edit

Prizes Edit

Prize Cost Crafting Level Level-up Cost
Prehistoric Fern Specimen Icon250 1 Specimen Icon1100
Dinosaur Skeleton Specimen Icon2500 2 Specimen Icon3300
Triceratops Statue Specimen Icon5000 3 Specimen Icon5500
Tar Field Specimen Icon2500 4 Specimen Icon5500
Homer Lizard Specimen Icon10000 5 Specimen Icon5500
Egyptian Column Specimen Icon1500 6 Specimen Icon5500
Egyptian Outhouse Specimen Icon800 7 Specimen Icon5500
Egyptian Tent Specimen Icon900 8 Specimen Icon5500
Camel Specimen Icon10000 9 Specimen Icon5500
Bart Sphinx Specimen Icon5750 10 Specimen Icon5500
Skeleton Pile Specimen Icon1000 11 Specimen Icon5500
Pirate Cannon Specimen Icon2150 12 Specimen Icon5500
Rowboat Specimen Icon6000 13 Specimen Icon5500
Siren Masthead Specimen Icon7000 14 Specimen Icon5500
Mermaid Petting Zoo Specimen Icon10000 15 N/A
Prehistoric Foliage Specimen Icon700 Act 1 Excavation Prize N/A
Dragonfly Rock Specimen Icon2200
Egyptian Pillar Specimen Icon1500 Act 2 Excavation Prize N/A
Egyptian Sundial Specimen Icon1500
Pirate Treasure Specimen Icon1500 Act 3 Excavation Prize N/A
Grog Barrel Specimen Icon700
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