Space is Hot Right Now is a limited time questline released on March 9, 2016. It is the main questline of the The Marge-ian Chronicles Promotional.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 1 Make Lisa Research What Kids Are Into
Make Database Do an Online Opinion Poll*
Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 2 Make Mr. Burns Cough Up Money
Make Rich Texan Sponsor a Mars Mission**
Make Artie Ziff Waste His Money, Too***
Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 3 Reach Level 20 and Build the Town Hall
Make Adults Attend Town Meeting (x4)
Make Homer Try to Fit Into His Old Spacesuit
Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 4 Make "Candidates" Be Guinea Pigs 6h Cash100

*Only appears if the player has unlocked Database.
**Only appears if the player has unlocked The Rich Texan.
***Only appears if the player has unlocked Artie Ziff.

Dialogue Edit

Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Paul Icon Just look at Springfield. A few years ago, there was nothing here but acres of healthy green grass.
Paul Icon It was just your typical post-nuclear-catastrophe wasteland. Lush greenery as far as the eye could see.
Paul Icon And now, it's a bustling town once again.
Barry Icon Honestly, I'm unimpressed.
Paul Icon Seriously? Look at all the houses, and decorations, and people...
Barry Icon I don't see too many premium items...
Paul Icon Well, no. The owner of this town really SHOULD sink more cash into the project. It's money so well spent...
Barry Icon If you let two entrepreneurial guys like us loose in here, it'd be RIDICULOUS how much we'd get done.
Paul Icon What are you proposing?
Barry Icon I don't know. We need a project. What are kids excited about today?
Paul Icon I read somewhere that they like soccer, and the color green. And positivity. They dislike rudeness and shades of green they feel are too light or too dark.
Barry Icon Hmmm. Not much to go on. We need to do a little market research.
Barry Icon Let's hire some kids to be our ears.


Character Dialogue
Barry Icon The results are in, and the numbers could not be clearer. Kids are into space.
Barry Icon And the hottest, most trending site in all of space is a little rock called... Mars.
Paul Icon Then that's where we need to go. We should organize a mission to Mars.
Barry Icon Keep in mind we have zero expertise -- and zero interest, to be honest -- in rocketry, math, exploration, or the future.
Paul Icon But what we do have is passion. And passion will get you to Mars faster than any rocket.
System Message We're not joking about this. Everybody loves space. Check out our tribute to the great beyond in the store!

Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Paul Icon I've been doing some research, and here's what no one will tell you -- going to Mars is EXPENSIVE. It costs MONEY.
Barry Icon Yes, but raising money is EASY when you have passion.
Barry Icon The moment our friends in the private sector get a load of our passion, they'll be throwing money at us.


Character Dialogue
Paul Icon I told you raising $20 billion would be easy.
Paul Icon And just like that... we can afford to turn on the lights.
Barry Icon I agree. Besides a launch vehicle, a Mars lander, habitats capable of sustaining life on a barren rock...
Barry Icon ...some way to grow food there, a means of communicating with Mars, and a staff of thousands here on Earth to monitor our Mars colony...
Barry Icon Other than that, all we need is astronauts.

Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Paul Icon We need some way to attract astronauts to our Mars mission.
Paul Icon We should put on a show. Really dazzle the people. But not just any show.
Barry Icon No. It should be the best show.
Paul Icon I almost want to capitalize that name. The Best Show. That's how good this astronaut-finding show will be.
Barry Icon We'll serve refreshments. Drinks, appetizers, handburgers...
Paul Icon The word is “hamburgers.”
Barry Icon That's neither here Nora, there. How's Tuesday at 9:00 PM work for you?
Paul Icon It's as good a time as any other. Now let's find us some astronauts!
Homer Icon I'll go! I'm your first volunteer Martian!
Barry Icon Former astronaut Homer Simpson! What an honor.
Homer Icon Last time I went to space, I almost killed everybody.
Paul Icon Great, great. We'll give your application serious consideration.


Character Dialogue
Paul Icon I think that went well. But why so many questions about what we'll do if we find life on Mars? I thought Martians were science fiction.
Barry Icon I wouldn't know. I'm not a sci-fi guy. Space stories always bored me, frankly.
System Message Skeptical about life on Mars, eh? Well wait until they get a load of this guy.

Space is Hot Right Now Pt. 4Edit


Character Dialogue
Barry Icon The thing about space rockets is, if you don't build them EXACTLY right, they blow up.
Paul Icon It's really no different than when we started that coffee company.
Barry Icon Refresh my memory -- why didn't that coffee idea work?
Paul Icon It would have, except it turns out there are already three coffee stores on every street corner in the civilized world.
Barry Icon That's right. Circling back to this Mars fiasco, why don't we use some of our second-tier astronaut candidates to test out the equipment?


Character Dialogue
Barry Icon Were you as deeply moved as I was by the sight of most of our Mars equipment not blowing up when tested?
Paul Icon A 65% success rate. It's pretty awe-inspiring.
Paul Icon So the only remaining question is: who do we blast off to Mars for the rest of their lives?
Barry Icon All I know for certain is: not Homer Simpson. Other than that, it's wide open, my friend.
System Message Tune into this week's Simpsons and find out who the real candidates will be. Sunday 8/7 Central on FOX!

Trivia Edit

  • Despite part 4 requiring level 11 to trigger, the need for Town Hall in part 3 makes the actual level needed 20.
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