Soylent Bean is a small quest in the tutorial that has Lisa go "Shop at the Kwik-E-Mart." It introduces the player to using Donuts for rushing through jobs.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Reward Time
Soylent Bean Send Lisa to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart Cash100
60m (You must speed it up with Donuts 2 donuts)

Dialog[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon.png "Ah, Kwik-E-Mart -- the one place where I can get a hot dog. Apu puts no meat in them at all."
Lisa Icon.png "If we were willing to drive an extra couple blocks to the supermarket, we could have real food at reasonable prices. But we aren't, and never will be."
Send Lisa to shop at the Kwik-E-Mart
Homer Icon.png "Oh no, you're not spending a full hour there! You're not done helping me through this tutorial."
Spend 2 Donuts
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