Get it? The first cat was white.
— Snowball II's unlock message.

Snowball II is a character that was released upon the end of the Valentine's Day 2014 update. She is one of the five original prizes included with the Friendship level system and is awarded once the player reaches Friendship level 3 and collects 1500 Friend Points. Tapping her will either make her sleep or cough up a hairball.

About[edit | edit source]

Snowball II was the Simpson family's second cat. Snowball II was named after Snowball I. Though Snowball I had white fur, which obviously inspired her name, Snowball II had black fur and greenish/yellow eyes.

The current Snowball II is not actually Snowball V, it may get confusing because it looks like Snowball V, and also Lisa didn't want to get a new dish after the old ones were killed. 

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