Snake Eggs (THOH XXVI) (Snake Eggs) was a limited time Currency released on October 6, 2015, during the Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event. Snake Eggs (THOH XXVI) is one of four currencies used to craft prizes, which were earned by tapping on Snake Nightmares or Star Spawn that spawned in the player's or friends' towns.

Spawning Snakes[edit | edit source]

Snakes Spawned in Acts 1-2, Star Spawn in Act 3. Star Spawn would drop 2 crafting currencies, randomly.

  • Throughout the event, the Hollow Snake Trunk would spawn 12 Snakes instead of generating Cash when collected, every 12 hours.
  • Acts 1-2
    • Lisa's Tell a Spooky Story at the Spooky Campfire would start Snakes spawning in the town.
      • Completing Lisa's Tell a Spooky Story would instantly spawn Snakes.
      • Any Roast S'mores task that started with Skeletons spawning would generate Snakes upon completion, even if the spawning changed in the middle of their task.
  • Act 3

Snake Eggs Crafted Items[edit | edit source]

Name Cost When Available Multiple?
Moe's Terror Snake Eggs 500 Acts 2-3 Check.png
Spooky House Snake Eggs 500 Whole Event Check.png
Spooky Wall Snake Eggs 200 Acts 2-3 Check.png
U.B.O. Snake Eggs 900, Bunny Ears 900 Act 3 Nope.png
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