Tell me what to do. It's what I live for.
— Smithers' unlock message

Smithers is a non-premium character released on January 11, 2013, along with the Level 25 update. He is unlocked upon completion of the Burns Manor.

About[edit | edit source]

Waylon J. Smithers, Jr. (better known as "Mr. Smithers" or simply "Smithers") is Mr. Burns' personal assistant, executive, and self-proclaimed best friend. He lived with Burns since he was an infant, and though partly raised by him, Burns never saw Smithers as a stepson, nor as an heir to his possessions.

In many ways, Mr. Smithers represents the stereotype of the closeted gay man, and numerous overt allusions and double entendres to his homosexuality are made (especially towards Mr. Burns), as he lives in the Gay Neighborhood. Smithers' loyalty towards his boss is often portrayed as exaggerated and superfluous.

He is deathly allergic to bee stings.

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Jobs[edit | edit source]

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Pickup Burns' Pill Cocktail Pharmaceuticals1
12m John's Pharmaceuticals Nope.png
Tidy Up in the Closet Cash70
60m Burns Manor Nope.png
Evaluate Unused Property Cash110
2h Burns' Summer Mansion Nope.png
Exercise for Mr. Burns Cash140
60m Mr. Burns Check.png
Check the Mail Cash175
4h Springfield Post Office Nope.png
Relax at the Mountain Lodge Cash175
4h Mountain Lodge Nope.png
Dance Outside the Steel Mill Cash300
5h Ajax Steel Mill Check.png
Write Malibu Stacey News Letter Cash225
6h Burns Manor Nope.png
Whip It! Cash275
8h - Check.png
Become a Hideous Drunken Wreck Cash420
12h - Check.png
Plant Shift Cash500
16h Control Building Nope.png
Sleep it off in the Drunk Tank Cash600
24h Police Station Nope.png/Check.png

Level's Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Attend AA Meeting Cash70
60m First Church of Springfield Executive Lackey Pt. 7 Nope.png
Sip Apple-tinis at Moe's Cash175
4h Moe's Tavern Carl's Rise Up The Ladder Pt. 2 Nope.png
Testify Cash350
4h Court House and Judge Snyder Testify! Pt. 1 Nope.png
Do Paperwork Cash275
8h Control Building A Woman's Work Pt. 6 Nope.png

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Celebrate Diversity Cash420
12h Simpson House Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 5 Nope.png
Do All the Work Cash420
12h Burns' Casino The Bloviator Pt. 3 Nope.png
Cage Dance Cash600
24h Brown House Under the Tentacles Pt. 3 Nope.png
Deny Requests for Access Cash600
24h Burns' Casino The Bloviator Pt. 2 Nope.png

Promo's Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Paint Pigeons Black Cash110
2h Control Building Everyone, Look at Me Pt. 2 Nope.png

Special Updates Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Stock up on Mr. Burn's Medications Cash175
4h Burns Manor, Pharmaceuticals75 Lodge A Complaint Pt.5 Nope.png
Stockpile Coffee Cash225
6h Burns Manor, Lattes75 Lodge A Complaint Pt.2 Nope.png
Create Lifelong Exercise Plan Cash275
8h Burns Manor, Yoga Mats75 Lodge A Complaint Pt.4 Nope.png
Plan Interior Decoration Cash420
12h Burns Manor, Furniture200 Lodge A Complaint Pt.1 Nope.png
Plan Sophisticated Security Cash420
12h Burns Manor, Smart Devices100 Lodge A Complaint Pt.3 Nope.png
Document Mr. Burns Achievemnts Cash420
12h Burns Manor, Hollywood Awards50 Lodge A Complaint Pt.7 Nope.png
Advertise Call for Organ Donors Cash600
24h Burns Manor, Ads75 Lodge A Complaint Pt.6 Nope.png

Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Ride the Ferris Wheel Cash525
10h Mr. Burns, Ferris Wheel Fantastic Ferris Wheel Nope.png
Wander Aimlessly Cash600
24h Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Ain't No Mountain High Enough Pt. 9 Nope.png

Limited Time

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Buy Fireworks Cash70
60m Kwik-E-Mart Rocket's Red Glare Pt. 3/8/11 Nope.png
Attend a Wake for Thanksgiving Cash175
4h Simpson House Thankless Thanksgiving Pt. 5 Nope.png
Eat at a Restaurant Gift Cards17
4h Restaurants Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 10 Check.png
Enjoy a Beer Gift Cards17
4h Moe's Tavern Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 11 Nope.png
Drink Craft Beer Cash175
4h O'Flanagan's Pub O'Flan-again Pt. 4 & Pt. 5 Nope.png
Shop for Loved Ones Gift Cards22
6h Shops Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 12 Check.png
Overeat Gift Cards27
8h Restaurants Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 14 Check.png
Drink Too Much Gift Cards27
8h Moe's Tavern Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 15 Nope.png
Hunt for the Simpsons Gift Cards27
8h Homes Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 18 Check.png
Stampede Stores Gift Cards42
12h Shops Too Much of a Good Thing Pt. 16 Check.png
Enjoy a St. Patrick’s Beer Bash Cash500
16h O'Flanagan's Pub Dye The Town Green Pt. 6 Nope.png
Put Up The Decorations Santa Coins10
16h Burns Manor - Nope.png
Train for St. Patrick's Day Beer Bash Cash600
24h O'Flanagan's Pub Training Day Pt. 1 Nope.png

Jobs Involved[edit | edit source]

Regular Jobs

Ebenezer Burns

  • Money Fight! - 24h

Fairy Kodos

  • Spread Glitter Around Town - 24h

Level's Quest Based Jobs

Mr. Burns

  • Shop Till You Drop - 3h

Events's Quest Based Jobs

Stupid Sexy Flanders

  • Change a Tire - 12h

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When selected When sent on a good job When sent on a bad job When collecting from a job
I'll marry who I want! That is a gun in my pants! I'll just pretend this thing is trying to come between me and Mr. Burns... Mr. Burns has an enchanting musk!"
I, uh, don't really consider myself much of a follower. I'm experiencing a whole rainbow of gay feelings! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" Mr. Burns forever!"
Destroy this thing- I'll take my rage out of the closet!

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Smithers is sent on his 24 hours task Sleep it Off in the Drunk Tank he walks to the Police Station looking very drunken, much like he does when he performs the 12 hours task Become a Hideous Drunken Wreck.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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