Slack-Jawed Yokel is a 4-part questline featuring Cletus and his farm.


Quest Requirements Reward Time Triggered By
Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 1 Build Cletus's Farm Cash100
Unlock: Cletus
60m Apu
Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 2 Plant Tomacco Cash100
30m* Apu
Hey Whittle, Whittle Make Cletus Whittle Cash100
60m Cletus
Let Yer Hillbillies be Hillbillies Make Cletus Brew Moonshine Cash100
24h Homer

* 60m prior to August 2014


Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Apu Icon "The food in this store is even more expired than normal!"

"I need a new supplier! Perhaps someone with access to roadkill..."

Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Apu Icon "Genius! Now local hillbilly, would you kindly grow me some Tomacco?"
Cletus Icon "Beg pardon?"
Apu Icon "Make up some of dem dere tomatoes what gots tobaccy in 'um and what grows from the ground."
Cletus Icon "Why didn't ya say so?"


Character Dialogue
Cletus Icon "Here you go, Mr. Cityfeller."
Apu Icon "Jumping Shiva, they're disgusting! Which means my customers will love them."

Hey Whittle, WhittleEdit

Character Dialogue
Cletus Icon "Reckon I could use this time to whittle up a toy for my newborn."
"Maybe a nice pointy stick for pokin' t'other kids."
"All the latest studies say babies learn about their world by pokin' it."

Let Yer Hillbillies be HillbilliesEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "It's always the right time..."
Lisa Icon "Dad, are you okay?"
Homer Icon "It's always the right time..."
Lisa Icon "Dad, seriously, what's wrong?"
Homer Icon "...the right time, for the clean taste of Duff Beer!"
"The right time..."
Cletus Icon "I thinks your Pa just needs some alcy-hol."
"If'n you like, I'll whip up a brach of my famous rotgut moonshine."
Lisa Icon "Thank you, Mr. Spuckler."
Cletus Icon "Now, you wouldn't happen to have two gallons of paint thinner, would you?"
Lisa Icon "No. Why?"
Cletus Icon "No reason."
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